Dana White To Laila Ali On Fighting Ronda Rousey: ‘If She Wants It, She’ll Get It, Call Me’ [Video]

In the last two weeks we’ve seen Laila Ali (undefeated in her boxing career) and a Houston Texans cheerleader who boxes, Antonieta Osuna, both say that they would have a shot at beating Ronda Rousey in a fight.

Last night TMZ caught up with Dana White AND Ronda Rousey and they both discussed these recent challenges.

First, Dana White, ever the promoter, had this to say, “Laila if you’re serious, call me. If she wants it, she’ll get it. Call me.”

As to whether Laila Ali’s height and weight advantage would be a factor, White said, “No disrespect to Laila, but, you know, she’d be in the 14 second range.”

So could this really happen? Says White, “I’m serious if she’s serious. Call me Laila.”

Also during the evening, TMZ ran into Ronda Rousey herself and questioned her about all these people calling her out.

When asked if she could take them, just in boxing alone, “Honestly? Honestly, I think I could beat them in boxing too.”

Of course she says she’d need time to train, but says that if she can go from judo to MMA why couldn’t she go from MMA to boxing? She also says Ali’s size advantage wouldn’t matter one bit. Anyone doubt her?

It will certainly never happen, but if Ronda Rousey versus Laila Ali ever did take place it would be pure box office gold.

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