This Is How Much Beer Costs At Every MLB Stadium In 2015, Arizona & Cleveland Are the Drunkest

As they do every year, Business Insider has put together a chart showing the cost of a beer at every Major League Baseball stadium, and the cost of beer per ounce at each stadium. That way if you’re planning a baseball road trip this Summer you can plan to hit the Major League Baseball stadiums with the cheapest beer (Arizona, Cleveland) and avoid the stadiums selling the most expensive beer (Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia).


Business Insider’s Cork Gaines put together these two charts of 2015 Beer Prices At MLB Stadiums, one showing the price of a beer at each stadium (and the size of that beer), and the other showing the price per ounce of a beer at each of the 30 MLB ballparks.


Via Business Insider / Cork Gaines

I Can’t believe that the Phillies are so high considering their team has stunk for the last 5 years, and it’s the first season in history that they’re selling liquor at the stadium, you’d think they’d offer up some affordable beer options instead of getting angry fans blacked out in liquor for 81 home games.

Same goes for the Twins, when’s the last time they’ve been good? The 90’s with Kirby Puckett? I can understand teams like the Cards, Angels, Tigers and Dodgers having higher beer prices because they have a national fan base, and usually compete year in and year out, but if I’m a Cubs, Twins, Phillies, Marlins, or Mets fan I’m pissed. I mean my team sucks and I still have to pay $6+ for a beer?! WTF.

These teams should focus on making your team better so that you sell more tickets to happy fans, and not try to squeeze money out of beer lovers.

[via BusinessInsider]

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