Knockers Korner: Nice Time To Be An L.A. Fan…..

With the Kings upset of the Canucks, the Dodgers off to a fast start, and the Lakers, and Clippers looking stong entering the playoffs, it feels good to be an L.A. fan. Even though we have no NFL team, there is plenty of action in the Los Angeles area. The Kings look playoff ready to go deep into the playoffs for the first time in forever. They appear built for the playoffs, great goaltending, strong defense and just enough offense to get by. This hockey fan is enjoying every minute. The Dodgers have built their record against weaker teams, but if you’ve been around long enough they have been successful with this recipe before, great starting pitching, leadoff speed, and just enough power to keep you honest. They should be in the race all year long. In this crazy NBA season,who knows what will happen, Lakers and Clippers who seem to be a player short to win the crown, but both are playing better at the end of the year, and should be in some exciting contests, with a little luck…who knows? All in all it’s nice to have so much to choose from…..and college football is right around the corner, L.A. is ok!


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