Albert Pujols Still Has Not Hit a Home Run in 2012! Will He Turn it Around?

Its been a whole month of baseball and Angels 1B Albert Pujols has yet to hit a home run. He’s batting .202 with no homeruns, obviously, 5 RBIs and a horid .524 OPS. Going 0-3 in last nights loss 5-0 loss to the BlueJays. With players such as Dee Gordon of the Dodgers, having more HRs than the Angels $3M Prince, when will Albert hit his first homerun? Will he make a run in the next month and make up for a horrible April? Or is this one of the biggest busts in MLB history? All these questions will be answered by seasons end, as the pressure mounts for Prince Albert.

The Angels remain in last place all by their lonesome with a record of 10-16, and find themselves 7.5 games back of the loaded Rangers. On the bright side, Jered Weaver threw a no-hitter a few nights ago, stealing the spotlight away from Pujols’ awful season for approximately 11 minutes.

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