The Buzz: Thiago Silva Arrested After Barricading Himself Inside His Residence; The Walking Dead Zombies Prank NYC; Costumed Crime Fighters Fight Each Other

Have a great weekend everyone, here are some of todays top stories from around the globe…


  • A guy with brass ones is going to jump off Mount Everest in a wing suit — it’ll air live on Discovery. [USA Today
  • Baseball Hall of Famer Ralph Kiner Passes Away at 91. [via BleacherReport]
  • UFC light heavyweight Thiago Silva was arrested late Thursday night after he barricaded himself inside his residence in southern Florida [via Sun-Sentinel]
  • American moguls hopeful Heidi Kloser will not compete in the Sochi Olympics after suffering a leg injury during warm-ups before qualification began Thursday [via ESPN]
  • Breaking down the Bob Marley posters everyone hung in their college dorm room. [Time]
  • Spanish cargo ship splits in two. [via Yahoo]
  • “How The Simpsons Took on Hollywood and Got Its Audience Back” [The Atlantic]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Gay Talese (82); Miguel Ferrer (59); Carny Lansford (58); Robert Smigel (55); James Spader (55); Garth Brooks (52); Stanley Roberts (45); Juwan Howard (40); Steve Nash (40); Alexandre Daigle (39); Aston Kucher (36); Matthew Stafford (26).




*The Walking Dead Zombies Prank NYC


*Bob Costas Took a Swig of Jack Daniel’s On Jay Leno’s Last Tonight Show

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