The BUZZ: Man With Blue Face Arrested; Mexican Drug King Pin Captured; Piers Morgan Cancelled; Hawks Cheerleaders Cover Wrecking Ball

Have a great Tuesday everyone, here are some of todays top stories from around the globe…


  • Early fantasy football rankings for 2014. [via ESPN]
  • Rob Ford ran into a fire hydrant celebrating hockey. [via Daily Mail]
  • Texas A&M football player Isaiah Golden arrested for marijuana. [The Eagle]
  • Scottie Pippen’s 13,500 square foot “manse” in Fort Lauderdale could be yours for $11.8 million. [via The Real Deal]
  • A history of sexism in Olympic TV coverage. [via Atlantic]
  • Winnipeg Jets hold practice on a frozen river. [via]
  • Florida Man jailed for pouring hot sauce on a puppy suffering from seizures. [via The Tampa Tribune]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Isabelle Fuhrman (17), Ric Flair (65), Sean Astin (43), Carrot Top (49), Chelsea Handler (39), Rashida Jones (38), Joakim Noah (28), Christian Ponder (26), Nancy Odell (48), Tea Leoni (48)




*Spencer the dog got prosthetics and Crocs.


*The trailer for HBO’s Silicon Valley.


*Sweet Child O Mine as New Orleans Style Jazz.


*Hawks Cheerleaders cover Wrecking Ball, with cameo from Nique.

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