Spike Lee Holding a Rally in Support of Colin Kaepernick

Filmmaker Spike Lee has announced a rally in support of Colin Kaepernick will be held outside NFL headquarters later this month. It promises to be a spectacle.  

However, adding another ring to the circus seems like it would make bringing the former QB back even less attractive to an NFL owner. The hope, however slim, of trying to quietly bring Kaepernick in as a backup with a revamped attitude gets even less realistic when the public rallies start.

There’s also the very real fear that the rallies and pushback will continue if Kaepernick doesn’t see the field and remains in a backup role — if there’s reasonable question as to who should be the starter.

This, of course, is bad news for those who want the Kaepernick situation resolved one way or another without it dominating the news cycle for the forseeable future.

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