Someone Found O.J. Simpson Driving Home In A White SUV After His Release And O.J. Wasn’t Happy [Video]

O.J. Simpson was released early this morning after serving nine years in Nevada prison. It took a matter of hours until video footage of him as a free man emerged via the New York Post.

Simpson expresses disbelief that cameras found him so soon. “How in the– y’all stalking me?” he asks the camera operator. “Jesus, man.”

When asked where he is headed, Simpson says “none of your business,” which is actually pretty fair. “I’ve been in nowhere U.S.A. for the last nine years doing nothing,” he says. “Nothing has changed in my life. What do you expect?”

He better get used to this, because now that the Juice is officially loose, I can’t imagine that his life is going to be as boring as it was in prison.

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