Scottie Pippen And Wife Larsa Seem To Have Reconciled, The Couple Show Paparazzi Wide Range of Emotions [Video]

Scottie Pippen was seen hanging out with his wife Larsa Pippen this weekend. Larsa posted a picture on Instagram and TMZ seems to think that this means the couple has reconciled. If so, good for them. If not, good job staying friends. Either way, you’re going to want to see Pippen engage with the paparazzi in the video below.


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This is a tour de force from Pippen. First a very serious reaction when someone asked about Future, the rapper who was rumored to be with Larsa. The driver’s face seemed to say, “oh no.” Then Pippen rolls the window down twice for more interaction when things seem a bit less serious. Especially when he flashed that million dollar smile as they drove away.


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