Sara Walsh Was Laid Off By ESPN As She Returned From Maternity Leave After Having Twins

Sara Walsh has been out on maternity leave after having twins recently. That didn’t stop the suits at ESPN from axing the longtime Sportscenter anchor, as Sara joined the long list of cuts being made by the “World Wide Leader in Sports.” 

Today, Walsh announced that she was due back from her maternity leave today but was surprised that she did not have a job to go back to.

Ryen Russillo was not among them, but he’s still got to be disappointed in some of his biggest fans leaving the network.

You might recognize Walsh’s husband Matt Buschmann, who pitched for the Diamondbacks last season. The couple made their connection through Buschmann’s teammate at Vanderbilt, David Price.

As for ESPN, how low can you be to fire a new mother of twins without any notice? Your telling me ESPN didn’t know she was pregnant for the last nine months? They couldn’t have told her before she left for maternity leave? It’s just bad PR, and things are not looking good for ESPN’s future. The programming has been down right unwatchable, and with all thier on-air talent either now at FS1 or finding new jobs, how long will ESPN continue to be the “World Wide Leader in Sports?”

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