Jordan Clarkson and Bella Thorne A Couple? Caught Hanging Out at Six Flags

Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson and Bella Thorne — an actress who starred in the Disney Channel series Shake It Up — were spotted at Six Flags in Los Angeles on Thursday. TMZ, which has a gallery linked in the tweet below, was unable to ascertain if if “they’re anything more than friends” but noted that the pair “pulled up to the park together in his Lambo.”

TMZ also caught up with Chandler Parsons, who was canoodling with Bella Thorne a couple months ago, and asked him about his thoughts on Thorne and Clarkson maybe being a couple.

Parsons pled ignorance about them being spotted together, but then said, “It’s a good couple, it makes sense.”

In the past, Parsons and Clarkson have both been connected with Kendall Jenner. We could have quite the love quadrangle on our hands.

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