Jerry Seinfeld Has No Idea Who Kesha Is, Wants Her To Get The Hell Away From Him [Video]

At the National Night Of Laughter And Song event held at the John F. Kennedy Center on Monday Night Kesha tried to give Jerry Seinfeld a big hug after telling him what a big fan she was. His reaction was one of utter terror.

Watch as Seinfeld squirms for his life while repeatedly telling Kesha, “no thanks,” as she tries to give him a hug, then admits after she walks away disappointed that he has no idea who she is. It’s sad for Kesha, but hilarious for us viewers.

No idea why Seinfeld wouldn’t give Kesha a hug, even if he had no idea who she is. Is he like a germophobe or something? Did she thinks she was just some random fan walking the red carpet?

jerry seinfeld kesha video


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