Greg Hardy Arrested For Cocaine Possession [UPDATE: Hardy Says Someone Put Cocaine in His Wallet While It Was Being Passed Around]

Former Dallas Cowboys defensive lineman Greg Hardy has been arrested for possession of a controlled substance in Richardson City, Texas. Hardy was taken into custody for possessing a substance labeled as “penalty group 1,” which TMZ is claiming was cocaine.

Police reportedly arrested Hardy late Sunday night. He was arraigned this morning and subsequently bailed himself out of jail.

Hardy became notorious far more for his behavior off the field than on it during his career. He was found guilty of domestic assault in 2014, but appealed the decision. When his accuser failed to show up in court to testify, the charges were dropped. That result stirred up controversy throughout the media and sports world. Hardy was suspended 10 games by the NFL, but on appeal it was reduced to just four. The Cowboys signed him and he played the 2015 season as a member of the team.

Once he came back, Hardy became a much-reviled figure among NFL fans, especially since he showed absolutely no remorse for his past actions.

While he started the 2015 season off well statistically, many in Dallas soured on him behind the scenes. The 28-year-old former Pro Bowler was not re-signed this offseason and is still a free agent.

Hardy screwing up away from football isn’t something that should surprise anyone at this point and we seriously doubt he ever plays again.

UPDATE 09-27-16: Former Dallas cowboys defensive lineman Greg Hardy was arrested on Sunday night and charged with possession of a controlled substance. A search of his vehicle yielded two plastic bags which tested positive for cocaine residue, according to police.

The oft-troubled Hardy had a unique explanation for how such contraband came to be in his possession.

The officer asked Hardy about the substance in the purple baggie, but Hardy said he did not know what it was. He said the baggie must have been put in his wallet at a party the previous night when he passed the wallet around because he was paying for everyone, the affidavit states.

That’s a new one.

Such an story will be met with healthy skepticism considering Hardy’s past. However, if he is being truthful, that’s an all-time bad break and would curtail anyone’s generosity.

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