Aaron Hernandez’s Suicide Note To His Fiancee Has Been Released: ‘You’re Rich!’

Aaron Hernandez is back in the news today as prosecutors made public the letter the convicted murderer wrote to his fiancée Shayanna Jenkins-Hernandez before he hanged himself in his cell on April 19.

The “you’re rich” part at the end only further proves the speculation that Hernandez killed himself to expose a loophole in Massachusetts state law.

Hernandez allegedly told a fellow inmate that he heard a rumor that his murder conviction could be vacated by his death. A murder conviction which is in the appeals process can be vacated if the person involved dies before the appeals process is over.

As a result of dying innocent (technically), the Patriots cannot by law justify firing him and keeping what’s left of his salary which is around $6M. With that being said, the team may need to pony up the cash to the beneficiary of Hernandez’s estate (Shay).

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