This Home-Engineered Miller Park Replica Grill Is Perfect For Any Brewers Fanatic

This concoction — “Griller Park” — was put together by the brother of a Redditor in r/baseball, and appears to be nearly exactly to scale of the Brewers’ stadium. If you haven’t tailgated for a baseball game at Miller Park, you haven’t lived, and this would be just about the most fashionable way to ever do so.

miller park grillmiller park grill 2

To see more pictures, click here.

This might be one of the greatest inventions in tailgating history. Can you imagine the potential that these grills have? Rangers fans smoking sausages on a MSG grill, Cubs fans flipping burgers on Wrigley Field, or Packers fans grilling out on a Lambeau BBQ. The possibilities are endless!

[Reddit, h/t The Big Lead]

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