McDonald’s Announces It’s OFFICIALLY Going To Start Serving Breakfast All Day Starting In October

Rejoice sleepy heads! You will no longer need to wake up at the crack of dawn after partying the night before just to make it to McDonald’s before 10:30 a.m. to get an Egg McMuffin, because starting on October 6th the fast food juggernaut will start serving breakfast all day in 14,300 of its U.S. stores:

Why did it take so long for McDonald’s to give the people what they want? According to The Wall Street Journal, it’s a matter of food cross-contamination and equipment usage:

McDonald’s restaurants are built to produce lunch and dinner items using the same equipment that makes breakfast but not at the same time, so operators needed to add or change equipment and processes.

Operators needed separate grills to ensure that raw eggs don’t come into contact with burgers. The task force identified a small model for eggs that sits on rolling carts, which carry utensils used just for eggs and can be moved for the best fit in each McDonald’s kitchen.

Operators also needed new toasters, because existing units can only be adjusted to warm either hamburger buns or muffins, which toast at different temperatures. Now, most restaurants are being outfitted with two toasters connected together that can toast both buns and muffins at the same time.

However, in order to make things easier for the restaurants McDonald’s is only offering a limited breakfast menu all day, including popular items like sausage burritos, hot cakes and Egg McMuffins / biscuits depending on geographical location.

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