Make Your Very Own Guitar Flamethrower Just Like The One In ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ And Become A Rock God

Hey metal heads, your dreams of walking the halls of Valhalla as a Rock and Roll God just became a reality. The mad scientist on YouTube, Colin Furze, put together this quick tutorial on how to build your very own guitar flamethrower just like the one they had in Mad Max: Fury Road, the prop that basically stole the entire movie’s limelight because it was so badass. Even if you don’t play guitar I implore you to give this DIY project a shot, because there are few things in the world more badass then a guitar flamethrower…right? 

Here it is in action:

Even if you have zero intentions of developing your guitar skills you can at least look the part of a Rock God by building the flamethrower guitar from Mad Max. At the very least you’ll come out of this project with a guitar flamethrower, which is probably one of the coolest devices on the planet, so there’s really no losing here.

snuJP1b - Imgur

(via Colin Furze YouTube)


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