Hey Bros, You Can Now Buy Tony Montana’s Mansion From ‘Scarface’ For A Bargain Price Of $17.8 Million

A year ago the Santa Barbara mansion used in the movie Scarface was on the market for a cool $35 million. Flash-forward a year: No one wants to buy Tony Montana’s fictitious digs, perhaps because (a. it’s not in Miami, where the movie takes place and (b. the lingering images of bloody bodies strewn across the property in the last scene. So the mansion’s owner, Russian billionaire Sergey Grishin, has decided to truly cut his losses and re-list it at almost half-off: $17.8 million.

What a bargain!


Built in 1906, the 10- acre estate is in Montecito and called El Fureidis, a.k.a. ”Tropical Paradise.” It actually looks quote beautiful, if you’re in the market for a party pad. Just think how much of this went on there!

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