This Video Is Why Rugby Players Shouldn’t Play Golf, Especially In Front Of Rory McIlroy [Video]

Rugby players are problem toughest and most insane athletes you will ever see, Capable of crushing another guy’s body thanks to a rare combination of size, strength and speed, but there are some things that some of them should never attempt—like swinging a golf club.

Luke Fitzgerald, a player from Ireland, happens to be one of those rugby players out of his element while holding a golf club.

Standing over a tee with a ball on it in front of fellow Irishman, and golfing stud, Rory McIlroy, Fitz had one of the worst attempts at hitting a ball that I’ve ever seen, hitting it about one inch after his driver’s club face was, well, not where it was supposed to be.

Keep crushing rugby dudes, Luke, because hitting golf balls isn’t really your thing.

[H/T CBS Sports]


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