Police Have Released The Video From Tiger Woods’ DUI Arrest In Florida

Photos and video from Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest have finally leaked out.  TMZ (and now Golf.com) have obtained video of the arrest.

The Photos show significant damage to his left front and real tires and rims. It’s clear from the photos that Woods crashed his vehicle into something, and we know he was passed out in the car when the police arrived.

Just in: photos of @TigerWoods Mercedes w/ flat tire from night of DUI arrest in Jupiter. pic.twitter.com/i7s7uWF5oX

While it looks like minor damage on the surface, you have to be going pretty fast to damage a rim and pop a tire like that. He didn’t just crawl along and bump into something.

Woods was arrested Monday morning for DUI, but registered a .000 both times he took a breathalyzer. He has since claimed the condition was the result of mixing medications. I’m sure more will leak out about this incident soon.

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