Phil Mickelson Chooses His Daughter’s Graduation Over U.S. Open

Phil Mickelson will not be participating in this years U.S. Open (June 15-18) because the first round conflicts with his daughter’s commencement ceremony, where she will be one of the speakers.

In case you were wondering, Mickelson has never won the U.S. Open. It’s the only major he has never won, however,  he did finish 2nd on several occasions, even losing in a shootout 1999 to Payne Stewart. Mickelson wore a pager that year at the U.S. Open, and said he would have walked off if he got the page that his wife was going into labor with his first child. Now, he is going to attend her graduation, before Father’s Day weekend, and fulfill that devotion to family over major opportunity.

What a good dad.

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