Norwegian Golf Club Terrorized For Last Decade By Mystery Man Pooping in Holes

Stavanger Golfklubb in Norway has a problem. For about 10 years now, somebody has been walking onto the golf course at night and pooping in the holes. The local newspaper story used “Serieskiter,” in the headline, which roughly translates to “serial shitter.” According to course employees, the stool samples are too large to have come from a lady.

“We know it is a man because the poos are too massive to be from a woman,” groundskeeper Kenneth Tennfjord told Olsen.

Since the serial shitter is nocturnal, the course put up flood lights around the holes in hopes of scaring him away. The man responded by literally going out on a limb to dismantle the lights.

In the past, the perpetrator – “poopetrator,” if you will – rode a bike onto the course. So if you’re in Norway and see a guy riding a bike with coffee and a newspaper in his basket during the night, please alert the local authorities.The golfers of Norway can’t rest easy, knowing that after any given putt, they may reach in the hole and retrieve much more than their ball.

Can’t help but think about one of my favorite South Park episodes after reading the course employees description of the poop.

[via Golf News Net]

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