John Daly Has Some Advice For Tiger Woods When It Comes To Getting Busted For DUI [Video]

John Daly has never been arrested for DUI, despite his legendary partying over the years. That’s not to say that Daly hasn’t found himself in an assortment of bad PR situations throughout his career. So who better to give Tiger Woods some advice, golf pro to golf pro, about how to handle his DUI arrest than John Daly?

His advice to Woods should he find himself in a situation like the one that got him busted?

“Call a friend,” says Daly. “Call a friend. Call Uber. Call Carey Transportation. They’re the Tour’s, but so great with us. I mean, anybody can come pick you up, but Tiger probably didn’t think he was feeling that bad.”

As far his message to Tiger on how to move past all of this?

“Just get back on the golf course, man,” advises Daly. “This stuff will pass. It always does.”

Take it from one who should know, I suppose, right?

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