Golfers Watch Airplane Panel Fall From Sky and Land Just Off a Green

I literally just played golf yesterday, and I can say that nothing fell from the sky besides my golf ball hitting the greens and fairways. However, a couple bros had a much different experience on the course. Imagine you’re playing golf and you look up into the sky and see an object falling to the ground. The object lands just 40-yards from a green and you walk up and check it out only to find out it’s a piece of a plane. That’s exactly what happened to a couple of golfers in Charlotte, North Carolina. According to WBTV, a panel fell off of an American Airlines Airbus as it was preparing to land.

According to American Airlines, Flight 1910 was landing in Charlotte from Dallas when it lost a small panel door prior to landing.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the golfers called the organization. American Airlines representatives say they notified the FAA as well.

The Airbus A321, has 146 passengers on the plane and landed safely 20 minutes after losing the panel.

According to American Airlines, the panel door covers the hydraulic servicing area, which is not a pressurized area of the aircraft. It would not cause a flight safety issue.

Luckily, the panel didn’t land on anyone and the plane was able to land safely.

Pics courtesy of WBTV and Sonny Barrett

[HT GolfNewsNet]

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