Golfers Film Massive Gator Eating An Huge Largemouth Bass On The Fairway

I’m an avid golfer, and have seen my fair share of wild animals on the course. However, I live in California and have never seen a f*cking giant alligator while I’m crushing a few beers with my boys on the golf course. Well, check out David Mack, an employee of the Miami Dolphins, who was cruising along a hole with a lake at Sandhill Crane Golf Club in Palm Beach Gardens when he and his father spotted this gigantic alligator eating a very sizable largemouth bass.

Thankfully, he had the presence of mind to pull out his camera and film the action to share it with the world on Instagram:

Dad was not impressed with my National Geographic skills 🐊⛳️

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Sneaking up on the beast

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Just another reason why I live in California.

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