Golfer Peter Malnati TRIED to Hit Out of a Water Hazard, Ended Up Dirty and Upset [Video]

During the opening round of the WinCo Foods Portland Open, Peter Malnati hit a ball into the edge of a pond. Malnati must have seen Rory McIlroy smack one out of the water during the PGA Championship because he decided he’d try the same thing, only it didn’t work out quite as well for Malnati as McIlroy’s shot did.

Malnati’s ball rolled right back into the drink and he eventually finished the hole with a quadruple bogey. Let’s be honest, if you see a bunch of other balls in the water around you, which there are several around Malnati’s ball, it may not be the best idea to attempt to be a golf god and hit one out.

Don’t go near the water golfers!

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[PGA Tour]

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