Four PGA Players Attempt To Set A World Record By Teaming Up To Finish A Par-5 In Under 30 Seconds [Video]

“We’ve rounded up four of favorite 2018 PGA Tour rookies to see if they can beat the current Guinness World Record for fastest hole played by a team of four. There were only a couple of guidelines the golfers had to follow: they had to hit in a certain order and wait for the ball to come to a complete stop before hitting their shot. The current record holders are four European Tour players from England, who played their Par 5 in 32.7 seconds. Watch to find out if Lanto Griffin, Tom Lovelady, Andrew Yun and Stephen Yaeger do better!”

They ultimately finished in under 28 seconds while simultaneously pouring some salt in the wound the Europeans suffered when they lost the most recent Ryder Cup.


[via 18Birdies]

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