Florida State Students Swipe Right The Most In Tinder’s Top 25 College Football Rankings

Since I’m a married man and 32 years old, I never used the Tinder app.  However, I understand what it is, and get why it is popular. Millions of people (mostly young adults) use this online dating service with much success. I use the word success lightly. I mean if your in to one night stands, and just looking to bang the nearest horny chick then this is the app for you. With that being said, you can see why this dating service is popular with college students.  Especially the college kids in Florida.

Apparently the young adults at Florida State get more swipes than any other college football powerhouse, according to information recently released by Tinder.

That’s right. The Seminoles may be ranked fourth in the real college football rankings, but in the Tinder college football rankings they’re number one all the way.

According to USA Today, this is how Tinder determined these very important rankings…

Tinder, a top online dating smartphone app, had the Seminoles at No. 1 after Tinder compiled the data by examining the profiles of users, who were given the ability to input their education information in November 2015. The data includes all students, and even some alums, not only athletes.

Here’s the entire Top 25 Tinder college football rankings…

1. Florida State
2. Ohio State
3. Michigan State
4. Florida
6. Michigan
7. USC
8. Washington
9. Alabama
10. North Carolina
11. Georgia
12. Oregon
13. Iowa
14. Houston
15. Clemson
16. Tennessee
17. Oklahoma State
18. Stanford
19. Louisville
20. Baylor
21. Oklahoma
22. Notre Dame
23. Ole Miss
24. TCU
25. LSU

Looks like Alabama and LSU have some work to do this football season if they want to be in the national championship dating game.


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