West Virginia Students Celebrated Beating Texas With 35 Fires, 5 Arrests and Pepper Spray [Video]


#5 West Virginia beat #15 TexaS in Austin on Saturday night, 48-45. It was a big win, so how did West Virginia fans celebrate in Morgantown? The only way they know how – by setting things on fire and getting arrested. Via The Daily Anthenaeum:


Following a West Virginia University victory against Texas Saturday, WVU students flocked to the streets of Morgantown, chanting and burning furniture in celebration.



The Morgantown Fire Department released a statement Sunday confirming 35 street fires Saturday night and into Sunday morning.


In the release, Morgantown Fire Department Captain Ken Tennant said there were 24 confirmed street fires and 11 dumpster fires throughout the city.


They also broke a light pole and tossed it in the fire. That’s the point where police decided they might want to step in.


“It was a very dangerous situation on Grant Avenue. There were several thousand people that the police were trying to control – large amounts of pepper spray deployed,” he said. “They broke the pole loose, which was about 15 or 18 feet tall. They then toppled that over into the fire, which created dangerous conditions, because that was still energized.”


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