Nick Saban Goes On Epic Rant After Being Asked Question About Alabama Football Player [Video]

Nick Saban is in full Nick Saban mode, as the longtime Alabama coach went on a minute-long rant on Wednesday after he was asked a routine question about redshirt junior Christian Miller. Going into last season Miller was deemed “promising” before making 16 tackles in nine games. Maybe that’s why Saban started complaining about the media making predictions and wondering “why we even play.”

“Sometimes I wonder why do we play? I mean, why do we even have practice? Because you guys got all these conclusions already drawn about who’s what, how good they are, what they can do. I mean, so why would you ask me? That’s puzzling to me. Why would you ask me?”

There is nothing Saban hates more than being asked a question regarding anything that has to do with his team. It is just so annoying. His job is not to give opinions or share information. It is to shape young men and promote Coca-Cola and AT&T.

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