Mike Leach Talks About The Time He Autographed A “Gigantic” Bra

College football coaches are rock stars. Don’t believe me, check out this story from Washington State coach Mike Leach. On saturday, somebody asked Leach about the strangest thing he ever autographed, and I imagine his eyes lighting up at the opportunity to say the following:

“The strangest thing I ever autographed? OK there’s this lady, older lady, and there was an autograph signing. There was a whole group and you could tell they’re all family. The kids were in their thirties or so. Grown kids. They’re laughing as they get up, kinda like they got a secret or inside joke. So I’m thinking, “Well what’s this?” And there’s this bra, and I mean, this bra is huge. The kid puts the bra on the table and goes, “Can you sign my mom’s bra?” and behind, there was this older lady laughing and being a good sport with her kids, and it was clearly her bra, OK? And I mean this bra was gigantic. So, anything for the fans, and of course I signed a bra. So mom and the kids had something to talk about I guess.

See, what did I say, college football coach = rock star.

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