Lane Kiffin Takes A Shot At Nick Saban’s Coaching Style: “I’m not really big on humiliating assistant coaches in front of everybody.”

Lane Kiffin left Alabama to become the head coach of Florida Atlantic. Not because he hated winning National Championships, but because he hated Nick Saban screaming at him on the sidelines every game. During an interview on Wednesday with SiriusXM College Sports Nation, Kiffin was asked if he’d ever talk to an assistant coach the way Nick Saban talked to him during his three years with the Crimson Tide. His answer was yet another shot fired at his former boss.

“No, that’s not really how I do it … Those things come up and everybody has different ways of dealing with them. It’s just not really how I do it. I’m not really big on humiliating assistant coaches in front of everybody. I write down notes. In the staff meeting I explain what we want to get done.”

The fact that he calls it “humiliating assistant coaches” is key here. Saban didn’t just express disapproval, or yell, he “humiliated” people.

Clearly Lane is still holding a grudge towards his former mentor in Tuscaloosa. This incident might be part of why he’s still firing shots at his old boss:

This is not the last we’ll hear from either of these two.

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