Intoxicated Sooners Fan Mistakes Courthouse for Hilton Hotel, Is Arrested for Trespassing

For Oklahoma fan Harold Schroeder, Saturday was filled with great highs, and terrible lows. The high, his Sooners scored a huge victory over Baylor to keep its national title hopes alive. The low, he was arrested for trespassing after mistaking the McLennan County Courthouse for the Waco Hilton.

You win some, you lose some.

Deputies responding to a burglar alarm at the courthouse about 8:15 a.m. Saturday found Harold Anthony Schroeder, 35, of Oklahoma City, curled up between the counsel rail and the first-row seats in the 54th State District Courtroom.

Wearing a crimson Oklahoma Sooners shirt, a groggy Schroeder sat on a bench in the courthouse rotunda and tried to explain to deputies that he thought he was at the Hilton.

Deputies noted in reports that Schroeder smelled strongly of alcohol.

Despite that, he was apparently able to scale steep steps to make it through a second-floor window. A sheriff’s captain said burglary charges were not brought because Schroeder was simply looking for a place to sleep.

Talk about bad luck. He could have confused any building in town with his hotel. It just had to be the courthouse.

Schroeder was released at 2:15 p.m. after posting $1,000 bond — in plenty of time to rally for the pivotal Big 12 conference game.

[Waco Trib]

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