Georgia Linebacker Davin Bellamy Taunted Baker Mayfield By Yelling ‘Humble Yourself’ After Rose Bowl Win [Video]

Baker Mayfield has by far been the cockiest player in college football for the past year. He’s also been the biggest trash talker on the field all season as well. Mayfield’s cocky persona was on full display on Monday when the Oklahoma Sooners played the Georgia Bulldogs at the Rose Bowl in Pasadent.

It all went down before the game even started when Mayfield annoyed several Georgia players by running routes on their side of the field during pregame warmups.

Mayfield did play magnificently in the Rose Bowl, only to lose in devastating fashion. He may have also done a throat-slash move at one point. A real mixed bag.

Georgia linebacker Davin Bellamy decided to teach Mayfield a value lesson about the proper way to act by doing the opposite.

We’ll have to wait and see how Mayfield’s draft stock is impacted by his attitude. While Mayfield is a great player on the field and his teammates seem to like him, many teams are going to be wary of drafting the next Johnny Manziel.

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