Former LSU Tiger Tyrann Mathieu is Living With Patrick Peterson’s Family in South Florida


LSU and Alabama will be deciding the fate of the SEC this weekend, while former Tiger All-American Tyrann Mathieu is spending time in South Florida trying to get his life back together.


According to the Palm Beach Post, the Heisman finalist, who was arrested last week on drug charges, is currently living with former Tiger and current Arizona Cardinal cornerback Patrick Peterson’s family.


“He wanted to get away from the madness in Baton Rouge,” said Pat Lawler, a Boca Raton lawyer and agent for Galaxy Sports. “His mindset is to deal with his problems and get his life in order. He and his family are looking at getting Tyrann back together.”


Mathieu and Peterson became good friends during their year together in the LSU secondary, and as a successful NFL player, it would be good for Mathieu to understand life outside of the bubble he’s been living in in Baton Rouge and New Orleans.


[Information via  Palm Beach Post]

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