REPORT: Petty Kentucky Fans Have Issued Death Threats to Referee John Higgins

Kentucky fans might the pettiest of all college basketball fans. After getting beat on a last second shot in the Elite 8 over the weekend by UNC, Wildcat fans were obviously upset. Especially when most of them felt a barrage of foul calls went against their team. In response to this, the Kentucky mob (fans) are blaming the loss not on their teams effort or bad coaching, but on John Higgins, the referee that night. Wildcat fans have been leaving negative reviews about his roofing business on its Facebook page. As petty and absurd that all sounds, it pales in comparison to what else the official reportedly has had to face.

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman and Dana O’Neil report:

NCAA referee John Higgins met with law enforcement for more than two hours Tuesday after he received death threats, repeated phone calls to his company’s office and home — despite an unlisted number — and a barrage of false messages about his business on the company’s Facebook page from Kentucky fans, sources told ESPN.

The report continues to say that Higgins’ phone has been “ringing off the hook.”

It goes without saying that while not all Kentucky fans are sore losers, but the ones who are going to this length are embarrassing and their behavior is totally unacceptable.

[h/t TheBigLead.com]


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