Duke’s Grayson Allen Appears To Shove FSU Coach To The Ground On Sideline After Diving For Ball [UPDATE]

Well, here we go again.

During yesterdays FSU-Duke game, troubled Duke star Grayson Allen, who was been criticized for several dirty plays throughout his college career, appeared to shove a Florida State assistant coach Dennis Gates to the ground as he dove into their bench going after a loose ball.

This is another instance where we just can’t really know what is going through his mind. This video is in slow motion. Maybe he was trying to get the coach out of the way and avoid a worse collision? But, because of his body of his work, expect this video to be heavily scrutinized.

What do you think?

UPDATE: For his part, Gates is downplaying the exchange, which has understandably been the object of much scrutiny.

While one admires Gates’ attempt to de-escalate the situation, the video tape tells a different story than the one he’s selling. Sure, Allen’s leap caused some lower-body contact but nothing that would result in a reflexive shove. Gates may not want us to judge on hand placement, but how can one ignore something as obvious as a two-handed shove?

Gates is trying to help a kid publicly battling some very specific demons and his comments are noble. And it is perhaps unfair to comb over everything Allen does like we’re studying the Zapruder film for clues. But the truth is that is the environment Allen has created for himself thanks to repeated missteps.


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