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Rugby Brawl in Australia’s 2014 Ron Massey Cup Grand Final Features Fists Flying [Video]

We haven’t posted a good Rugby fight in a while, but here is a doozy to refresh your memory on why they are the best sports fights. No one involved is fake tough. Everybody is a little crazy. And there are real punches thrown. Take this brawl from the 2014 Ron Massey Cup Grand Final in New South Wales. The Mount Pritchard Mounties and Entrance Tigers were in a heated match. Something that looks like a million other rugby collisions take place and a damn donnybrook breaks out. The announcers go from delighted to horrified in the matter of moments as their natural inclination to want to see a fight gives way to their realization that this really isn’t the time or the place.


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Angler Uses Bow and Arrow to Catch Record-Setting, 809-Pound Mako Shark

According to the Lone Star Outdoors News’ Conor Harrison, professional angler Jeff Thomason—the host of the hunting show Predator Pursuit—caught a massive mako shark off Huntington Beach, California. It measured in at 11 feet long and 809.5 pounds, which makes it 300 pounds heavier than the previous world record.

However, the way Thomason caught the shark is a bit unusual compared to the old way of a fish hook and line:

We shoot regular AMS bow arrows, but they have an interlock grapple with a steel leader. You need the sharks really close to the boat and out of the water because those arrows are so heavy, they don’t fly far. …

… They’ve got to be about three feet from the boat to get the arrow to stick, so we threw a fish on a line and teased him to the boat. I try and shoot for the top of the back. As soon as the arrow hit, all hell broke loose. We freaked out because I spined him and we thought he might sink.

As you could imagine, getting the shark out of the water was no easy task. The crew landed the shark in 15 minutes. Five people were on the boat, and it took every last one of them—and another 15 minutes—to haul in the shark with the pulley system.

With such a massive shark, some good was able to be done—about 400 pounds of the shark meat was donated to Los Angeles homeless shelters.

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INSANE VIDEO: Monster Truck Plows into the Crowd in the Netherlands, Killing Three

Here is the description from YouTube:

Two adults and a child have been killed after a monster truck with tractor-sized wheels ploughed into the crowd at a Dutch car show.

At least 15 people have also been injured in the disaster in the eastern city of Haaksbergen, with five seriously hurt, and the driver of the monster truck has reportedly been arrested.


Filipino NCAA Tournament Game Ends After One Player Punches Another, Brawl Ensues [Video]

Check out this brawl that transpired on Monday night in the Filipino NCAA tournament in Manila. Right away, you’ll see a dude just wind up and slug another player in the face. Rappler details the players and teams involved:

Towards the end of the matchup between the Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals and Mapua Cardinals, EAC point guard John Tayongtong shouldered off a Mapua defender, to which a Mapua player responded by pushing Tayongtong to the floor. The confrontation quickly escalated when the original defender was knocked to the floor by a Tayongtong right hook.

The game didn’t resume after the brawl.


7-Foot Dondre Harris Is the Tallest High School Defensive Lineman in the Country [Video]

At 7’0″, 380 pounds, Dondre Harris is believed to be the tallest high school defensive lineman in the country, according to MaxPreps‘ Stephen Spiewak.

Harris, a senior at Essex High School in Tappahannock, Virginia, towers over offensive players as a starting defensive tackle. According to his head coach John Fulks, Harris has not yet received attention from college coaches.

You can view some of Harris’ 2013 highlights here.

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