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This Compilation of Extreme Sports FAILS Will Make Your Bones Hurt [Video]

I have a special appreciation for people who risk theirs lives and bodies for a adrenaline rush. I mean, these people are willing to do some of the craziest shit out there, that neither me nor you would ever try to attempt. However, some of these crazy stunts end in painful fashion, and the result is not always pretty.

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Girls’ High School Basketball Game Ends With a Ridiculous Score of 80-0

Detroit Cass Tech destroyed Detroit Osborn, 80-0, in Detroit Girls’ High School Basketball action on Wednesday night. The Cass Tech coach, Marissa Thrower, said she did everything she could to keep the game reasonable. Via FREEP:

“It was Senior Night, our last home game,” Thrower said. “Don’t make me out to be a bad guy. We did not press Osborn. My starters…they played about 6 minutes the entire game. I don’t know what to do in a situation like that.”

The clock ran the entire second half, but 80 still seems like a lot of points for a high school basketball game.

[Detroit Free Press]


Alex Morgan’s Sexy New Behind The Scenes Video For SI Swimsuit Is A DEFINITE Must-Watch

alex morgan si swimsuit 2014

Alex Morgan, star of the US Women’s Soccer Team, is one of those rare athletes that has been asked to do the SI Swimsuit Issue more than once and this new behind the scenes video of her shoot for 2014 shows why SI made the smart decision to bring her back one more time.

Here’s a look behind the scenes of Alex’s now legendary bodypaint session in 2012.


Watch a Chick Nicknamed ‘KO’ Wreck Girls Like She’s The J.J. Watt Of Women’s Rugby [Video]

Meet Tianna Camous AKA “KO.” She plays rugby for Lindenwood University in Missouri, and she can hit better than most of the Atlanta Falcons.

She has a perfect technique that absolutely flattens her opponents. She really lowers her shoulder and the distributes the boom when she tackles.

Here is a compilation of some of her most devastating hits, even taking down a much larger Shrek in one mighty tackle.

When she was 14-years-old she was playing football against guys, but only being 5’3″ held her back so she changed to wrestling. Camous earned a full scholarship to wrestle at Missouri’s Lindenwood University for the next four years after being a state champ in Folsom High School (Calif.).

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Roman Reigns Wins 30-Man Battle Royal at 2015 Royal Rumble, WWE Fans Are Pissed

Roman Reigns’ ascent to the top of WWE received a huge boost Sunday night, as The Powerhouse won the Royal Rumble match to become the No. 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXXI.

The final four left in the match were Reigns, Big Show, Kane and Rusev. Reigns eliminated Kane and Big Show, only to have the return get back into the ring anyway and attack Reigns.

Then The Rock made his shocking return to WWE to make the save for Reigns and take out Show and Kane.

However, Rusev had been hiding under the ring, biding his time. He attempted to surprise Reigns but ate a spear instead. After that, the outcome was academic:

The Rock held Reigns’ arm up in triumph, which did little to turn the Philadelphia crowd in Reigns’ favor after it vociferously booed him the entire match.

And boy were fans pissed. There were reports that they flooded the WWE Network — where subscription numbers have been a consistent disappointment for shareholders (of which I am a small one, but do not really follow the financial aspects very closely) — with cancellation requests and crashed the server (#CancelWWENetwork is still trending on Twitter this morning), as well as Philly spectators who claimed they were taking out their frustrations by blocking wrestlers’ cars from exiting the arena.

Fans realized Reigns would win the Rumble as soon as Daniel Bryan was eliminated (even before that some saw betting odds shift drastically, signifying a leak), and loudly voiced their frustration both on social media and in the arena for the duration of the match.

The 29-year-old superstar has been heralded by many as the future of the company over the past year, and his Rumble triumph proves that WWE officials feel the same way.


Dude Gets His Ass Beat After Losing a Hand in Poker Game [Video]

Anyone who has played poker, know what it is like to lose a good hand on a bad beat. When this happens, emotions run high, and usually a few choice words are thrown around the table, however, I’ve never witnessed someone getting their ass beat winning at a card game, I though that only happened in the movies.

Here’s the description from YouTube:

This happened on November 16th, 2014. Apparently, the two guys involved in this video were exchanging ongoing verbal arguments between each other throughout the night at the poker table. Drinking was involved. This lasted for a while, until guy #1 (the guy who was beat up) lost a hand, then got out of his chair and rushed over to guy #2 (the one doing the beating) and punched him in the back of the head. (this was not captured on film). As a response to being hit from behind, guy #2 gets out of his chair (at this point the video started recording) and begins a beatdown…

If you didn’t read the description before watching the video, you probably thought the guy doing the punching is a A-hole, but if some dude hit me in the back of the head because he lost a hand of Texas Hold’em to me, I probably would have beat the guys ass as well. Well, maybe not as many punches, I’m mean the dude is laying lifeless after the first two swings.


Watch Nutjob ‘Al The Jumper’ Jump Over Two Motorcycles Racing Towards Him At 70 MPH [Video]

People do crazy stuff all the time in order to try to be famous. Oftentimes the crazy things that they do could get them killed.

That’s what this guy who calls himself Al The Jumper does. He jumps over shit and tries to not get killed on camera. Lets hope this guy has good medical life insurance

Al The Jumper’s latest stunt involves him standing in one spot while two motorcycles race towards him at 70 miles per hour. Then he jumps. Watch to see if he gets killed.