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Dirt Bike Does Massive Back Flip Over A Low-Flying Plane In Amazing Video

Red Bull likes to go all out for its stunts.

So, what’s better than a dirt bike doing a massive back flip? How about it doing a massive back flip over a low-flying plane.

Biker Nick de Wit and aerobatic pilot Glen Dell took two years to plan this stunt, and it is worth the wait.

Unfortunately, five weeks later, Dell perished in an unrelated stunt in South Africa.

[H/T Sploid]


Kelly Slater Lands 720 While Surfing in Portugal [Video]

Regardless of whether you think this is a 720 or 540, it’s still incredibly awesome.

While surfing in Portugal, Kelly Slater was able to land this insane move on camera. The 42-year-old had to battle some wild wind but was able to nail the “aerial.”

It doesn’t matter what he calls it. All that matters is that he landed it.

[Hurley, h/t Next Impulse Sports]


Should This Rugby Player Be Arrested For Viciously Punching Opponent Twice? [Video]


On Saturday, Ben Flower became the dubious owner of a never-been-done-before record: getting sent off in a Super League Grand Final.

The Wigan man was shown red after a vicious punch to the head on St Helens’ Lance Hohaia.

Flower smashed Hohaia with a devastating sucker punch to the face and then followed it up with a hammering right hook to his nose where he appeared helpless on the ground. A dazed Hohaia was helped off the field, meanwhile Flower became the first player in the history of the Grand Final to be disqualified.



AHL Player Trevor Gillies Slams Opponent’s Face on Ice After Fight [Video]

Adirondack Flames winger Trevor Gillies has a long and sordid history of being an on-ice bruiser who racks up suspensions. So perhaps it’s no surprise he took things over the line last night during a scuffle with William Carrier, a winger for the Rochester Americans.

Gillies’ attempt to instigate a fight with Carrier resulted in the Americans player dropping to the ice in order to halt the proceedings. Evidently not satisfied with this, Gillies continued to jostle Carrier before slamming him face-first into the ice.

“I felt my head get picked up and pulled down,” Carrier said. Carrier wasn’t injured. He even maintained afterward it was no big deal. “That’s hockey,” he said.

His coach, however, took a different angle.

“If there’s room for that in hockey, I’m not sure I want to coach anymore,” Chadd Cassidy said.
“It looked bad; you spike a guy’s head into the ice.”

Gillies can likely look forward to adding another suspension to his name after the ugly incident. Then again, it’s all part of the experience for a man who has 3,054 penalty minutes compared to 11 goals in his professional career.

[Puck Daddy]


Rugby Player Sam Burgess Breaks Cheek Bone on First Play of NRL Grand Finale, Finishes Game [Video]

I have always said, other than hockey players, rugby gents are the most bad ass dudes on the planet.

Meet Sam Burgess.

The South Sydney Rabbitohs won the National Rugby League Grand Final on Sunday. In the opening seconds of the game, Rabbitohs’ player Burgess clashed heads with opponent James Graham. Burgess broke his cheek bone. Being a rugby player, Burgess never left the game. After the win, Burgess was left in tears. Bloody tears.


And eventually a picture with his girlfriend, Phoebe Hooke. Burgess should be having surgery today. You know, for the broken bone in his face.

2014 NRL Grand Final - South Sydney v Canterbury