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Former Japanese Baseball Player Blown Away by 186 MPH Fastball [Video]

If you feel sorry for hitters who have to face Cincinnati Reds flamethrower Aroldis Chapman, wait until you see former Japanese baseball player Takeshi Yamasaki try to hit a 186 mph fastball.

A hitter has to have unreal bat speed in order to hit something that fast.

Even when you know what’s coming, you can’t hit something you can’t see.

Skip ahead to the 3:29 mark in the video to see how Yamasaki fared against the machine-fired heater.

[H/t Big League Stew]


Inside Of Race Car Catches FIRE While The Drivers Are Still Driving [Video]

During the 2014 Geko Ypres Rally in Belgium, drivers Robert Cosani and Maxime Vilmot were suddenly caught in a spontaneous fire coming from the back of their racecar. Luckily they managed to stop the car and get out before they both cooked to a crisp, but either way can you imagine driving down the road and suddenly the entire back of your car is on fire? I would piss my pants, after craping in them.


Megan Fox Threw Out a First Pitch in South Korea [Video]

Megan Fox first pitch

Megan Fox is in Seoul to promote the release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tomorrow. Fox threw out the first pitch at the LG Twins – Doosan Bears game because there is nothing more American than Ninja Turtles and baseball. Her attempt wasn’t horrible, but it was pathetic. She stood about halfway between the mound and the plate and bounced the pitch outside the strike zone.


Australian Hockey Player Slides on His Head After Scoring Goal [Video]

This might be the best hockey goal celebration I’ve ever seen.

Ric Del Bas goal celebration

Ric Del Basso scored the game-winning goal in the Perth Thunder’s 5-4 win over the Melbourne Ice in Australian Ice Hockey League action. After scoring, Del Basso slid across the ice on his head. According to Puck Daddy, Del Basso is a co-owner of the team which means he only embarrassed himself.


High School Team Runs Fake-Spike Play for Game-Winning Touchdown [Video]

One Georgia high school football team broke out some trickery to start its season on the right foot this past weekend.

The North Gwinnett Bulldogs were trailing the top-ranked McEachern Indians with nine seconds remaining in their season-opener when they dialed up the fake-spike play.

Bulldogs quarterback John Urzua took the snap, pump-faked the spike and found Kyle Knudsen for the touchdown. It was Urzua’s seventh touchdown pass of the game, and it handed North Gwinnett a 52-49 victory.

In a game that featured seven lead changes, four of which came in the final seven minutes, it was a fitting end to an exciting high school shootout.

[MaxPreps, h/t BleacherReport]