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Little Brat Loses Table Tennis Match, Shoves Ref Out Of Chair [Video]

An agitated table tennis player took out his frustrations on a peer ref after losing a match and I don’t think it’d be an overreaction to ban him from the sport permanently.

The most alarming part about this clip is not the senseless shove. It’s the fact this kid’s parents don’t fly into frame at breakneck speed to deal with the situation.

[H/T: Bleacher Report]


INSANE Skydriver Pulls ‘The Flying Carpet’ By Landing On The Back Of A Wingsuit Flyer [Video]


I don’t know a whole lot about wingsuits or skydiving, BUT I do know what these two extreme sports junkies pulled off is pretty awesome. Check out Team Betsafe’s Espen Fadnes and Bjørn Magne Bryn performing “the flying carpet,” which is “a solid connection between a wingsuit flying BASE jumper and a skydiving canopy flyer for more than 20 seconds.”

Apparently this took two months of preparation in Romsdalen Valley, Norway.

[GIF via Airows]


Pro Surfer On A Jet-Propelled Surboard Rides A INSANE Skyscraper Of A Wave in Hawaii [Video]

The JetSurf is exactly what it sounds like, a jet-propelled surfboard that takes paddling out of the game entirely. This week pro-surfer Kai Lenny became the first person to ride the JetSurf at Peahi’s famed ‘Jaws’ in Hawaii, one of the biggest and most powerful waves in the world.


To put this into context, this bro rode a virtually untested piece of technology into one of the largest (and therefore most dangerous) waves in the world, a wave the size of a office building.

The footage of Kai Lenny on the JetSurf kicks in around :46 in this video:

[via TheInertia]


Cricket Announcer Has Hilarious On-Air Meltdown After Ball Dents Roof of His Car [Video]

This is funny … assuming you get a laugh out of middle-aged cricket announcers from New Zealand melting down on-air after a ball dings off the roof of their rental car. The pain-and-anguish from Ian Smith when he realizes Jesse Ryder’s ball may have hit off the roof off his rental car and dented it is fantastic. His co-commentator asks if he has insurance, to which Smith replies, “It’s a rental.” The comic timing on that line is perfect — better than most scripted comedies in fact.

The story ends on a positive note because Smith finally realizes he might have parked a little bit further behind the hot dog stand. Tragedy averted.


Guy On A Rocket-Powered Bicycle Absolutely SMOKES A Ferrari 430 Scuderia In A Race, Hitting 207 MPH [Video]

Holy crap-my-pants Batman, that bike is like an amusement park ride straight outta hell. The only way you could possibly get me on that thing is if I was completely hammered on Vodka, and my entire body was covered in padding so I looked like the Michelin tire man.. Even then, I’d probably still shit my pants right after that rocket kicks in.

Who thinks this shit up?

[h/t BroBible]