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Japanese Martial Arts Star Breaks 10 Blocks with Her Head, Throws Out First Pitch [Video]

Japanese girl breaks bricks with forehead

Takeda Rina, the 23-year-old star of such films as High Kick Girl!, Karate Girl and Dead Sushi, threw out the first pitch before Sunday’s Chiba Lotte Marines vs Seibu Lions game in Japan. However, this wasn’t your ordinary pitch, as she broke 10 blocks with her forehead before throwing home to the catcher.

Japanese girl pitch

Whats scarier..? That a small woman can break bricks on her head and not get a concussion or the freaky furry mascots behind home plate.

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Metta World Peace Shoved Two Guys During a Venice Summer League Game [Video]

This has to be the scariest moment of this dude’s life.

Metta World Peace throws a punch on the playground -original

During a recent Venice Basketball League game in Venice, California, World Peace looked a little bit more like the Ron Artest of old, rather than the peaceful guy his name implies.

During the game, the former “badboy” of the NBA, misses a layup and appears to shove a dude on the other team. Suddenly, Metta World Peace – all 6’7″, 250-pounds of him – gives the guy a one-armed, close-fisted shove to the jaw.

This is street ball folks, only the strong will survive.

Metta World Peace took to twitter after the game:

[Youtube, Metta World Peace]


High Schooler Dunks From Behind Free Throw Line at Jordan Brand Event [Video]

high school free throw line dunk

A high schooler from Oxford, Miss., blew away the competition at the Jordan Brand’s “First to Fly” Jumpman XX9 dunk competition in Las Vegas over the weekend. The Class of 2015 swingman, Shelby McEwen, took off with a dunk from behind the free throw line, throwing it down with authority and then spontaneously busting off some kind of celebratory dance.

Whatever you call those moves, that was one hell of a dunk.

[via Dunkademics]


Japanese High School Team Overcomes 8-0 Deficit in 9th Inning In Greatest Comeback You’ll Ever See [Video]

High school baseball is a pretty big deal in Japan. Every year teams compete to reach the Summer Koshien to determine the best scholastic team in the country.

On Sunday, Komatsu Otani took an 8-0 lead into the ninth vs. Seiryo (Hideki Matsui’s alma mater) with a trip to the Summer Koshien on the line … and lost. There are meltdown innings and then there is the top of the ninth by Komatsu.

The clip of the entire ninth inning is 20+ minutes long. Here a couple noteworthy points:

  • Seiryo scored six runs before making an out.
  • The game could have ended on a double play, except a Seiryo player slid into first base head-first to keep the inning alive.
  • Komatsu made one pitching change, after Seiryo scored its first two runs — bringing in a lefty to replace a lefty. The poor reliever coughed up the next seven runs. The manager left him in the game despite giving up a massive home run that left the stadium to make it 8-6.

As you might imagine, both teams were in tears after this one ended. Crazy.

[via r/baseball, h/t TheBigLead]


Kobe Bryant Socked a Dinger at Richard Sherman’s Charity Softball Game [Video]

Richard Sherman’s charity softball game, which drew over 22,000 spectators at SafeCo Field on Sunday. Participants in the game included Nate Robinson, Lawyer Milloy, Macklemore, Kobe Bryant, Shawn Kemp, Russell Wilson, and a bunch of Sherman’s other Seahawks teammates.

Kobe has yet to make his NBA return after missing most of last season, but the Los Angeles Lakers great looks to be ready for competition if his softball prowess is any indication.

Bryant hit an opposite-field home run as captured by Instagram account LakersWorld16:

Kobe later claimed he hadn’t swung a bat in 20 years, which, more likely than not, was a blatant lie.