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Ball Boy Takes 121 MPH Serve to the Junk at the Australian Open [Video]

ball boy hit in the nuts during Australian Open

The Australian Open is currently in full swing, and if you are unaware, tennis requires a bunch of ball boys to keep the action moving. Like this kid who stood there with his hands behind his back as Feliciano López hit him square in the nuts with a 121 mile per hour serve. Because ball boys aren’t supposed to distract the players, so the poor kid just stood there trying to hold a straight face, while his junk is throbbing in pain. We’ve all been their fellas, its a pain no man ever wants to feel. OUCH!


Using Dogs as Ball Boys Will Revolutionize Tennis [Video]

Venus Williams and Svetlana Kuznetsova are in New Zealand for the ASB Classic. Williams is in the quarterfinals, Kuznetsova lost her first match. To help promote the tournament, Williams and Kuznetsova played an exhibition match with dogs as the ball boys. After watching the video 100 times, I can say with great certainty that all tennis matches should employ dogs as ball boys. It’s not like the grass is in great shape by the men’s semifinals anyway. Sorry, Wimbledon.


Serena Williams Has Bigger Biceps Than Most Men in America, No the World

Serena Williams is cruising through the US Open, having reached the quarterfinals of the tournament. The tennis star has won the event the last two years, and faces Italy’s Flavia Pennetta next. If CBS is lucky, she’ll face Caroline Wozniacki in the Finals.


Thats however, not the real story of the day. Check out Miss Williams gun show she displayed in front of crowd.

Maybe it’s the camera angle on the picture below, but geez, her right arms looks twice the size of her left. Just Sayin’.


Roger Federer’s Between-the-Legs Shot Hits Opponent in the Butt; Michael Jordan Enjoyed It [Video]

Roger Federer hit this crazy, between his legs shot that had eyes for Marinko Matosevic tush during their U.S. Open match Tuesday night in New York. The point was already over and Matosevic had his back to him but its still fun to watch.

Michael Jordan, who happened to be in the crowd, seemed to enjoy it.


Kimiko Date-Krumm Was Attacked By A Bee During Her Match Against Venus Williams [Video]

Wow, its been awhile since I’ve posted anything tennis related, but I came across this gem and had to pass it on to you folks.

Kimiko Date-Krumm getting harrassed by a bee

During the U.S. Open today, Kimiko Date-Krumm took on Venus Williams. The first set went well for the 43-year-old Date-Krumm, as she won 6-2. However, things got a bit worse after that. Not only did she lose the second set, but a bee (wasp?) decided to swarm around the tennis player which halted play. As a person who hates insects of all sorts, I can completely relate with her in this situation. I have been caught flailing like a baby, and screaming like a girl a time or two. Fortunately the ball kids came to the rescue and play resumed following the insect delay.



Novak Djokovic Won an Absolute Classic Against Roger Federer For His Second Wimbledon Championship

Novak Djokovic defeated Roger Federer 6-7 (7), 6-4, 7-6 (4), 5-7, 6-4 in a hard-fought, captivating five-set classic to earn the 2014 Wimbledon Championship on Sunday. The top-seeded Serb and fourth-seeded Swiss went back and forth for three hours and 56 minutes, trading punches and counterpunches like two prizefighters in their prime.

This is Djokovic’s 7th overall Grand Slam title.