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Racist Chelsea Fans Blocked Black Passenger From Boarding Paris Metro Train [Video]

Chelsea played their Champions League away leg at PSG, yesterday. Some of their away fans behaved like ignorant assholes. The Guardian obtained video of Chelsea fans blocking a black man from entering a Paris metro train and chanting “We’re racist. We’re racist and that’s the way we like it.”

These people exist at every club and all over the world. There shouldn’t be a place for them in soccer, sport or polite society.


Guy Gets Busted Trying To Smuggle An Entire Case Of Beer Into Soccer Match [Video]

I don’t know how much beer costs at a Turkish soccer match, but I do know that a 24 oz Coors Lights sets me back $12 at a Angels game. I’ve dropped a good chunk of change at various sporting events in the U.S. to know that beer is ridiculously overpriced when you go to a game. Well, this Turkish fella was sick of breaking the piggy bank for some brews, and decided to take matters into his own hands.

It appears that it’s a warm day in Turkey since everyone has short-sleeves except this one nervous, sweating guy with an entire brewery under his jacket. However, security at the soccer match was savvy enough to spot the beerbandit  before he got into the arena. Did this dude really think that he was going to smuggle 24 beers into a soccer match?


On a side note, this guy’s friends are dicks. They all couldn’t try to smuggle in four brews each?

[via LiveLeak]


Mario Balotelli Scores First EPL Goal for Liverpool, Provides Massive Win Over Tottenham [Video]

Liverpool beat Tottenham 3-2 at Anfield Tuesday in an important Premier League game that had a little bit of everything. Penalty calls. A debatable non-offside. Harry Kane’s 13th goal of the season. Oh right, Mario Balotelli also scored his first goal for Liverpool in league play, tapping in a low cross from Adam Lallana in the 83rd minute. The goal proved to be the game-winner for suddenly on-fire Liverpool.

As a result Spurs missed a chance to move into fourth — now occupied by Arsenal. Liverpool remain in seventh, but have 42 points, one worse than Tottenham and only three behind Arsenal. Long story short, the race for the final two, if not three, Champions League spots in England with 13 matches to play is going to be wild.

  • 3. Southampton, 45pts (24 games played)
  • 4. Arsenal, 45pts (25)
  • 5. Manchester United, 44pts (24)
  • 6. Tottenham, 43pts (25)
  • 7. Liverpool, 42pts (25)



Dutch Goalie Whiffs Completely on Kick, Leads To Horrendously Embarrassing Own-Goal Fail [Video]

Mickey van der Hart of the Go Ahead Eagles is going to live on in infamy from now on — the goalie didn’t have his finest performance of all-time Sunday against Ajax, although perhaps it will end up his most notable. In the 87th minute of a tie game, van der Hart was set to receive a pass from teammate Wesley Verhoek except, well,  he wasn’t ready at all, apparently. He whiffed on that ball so hard that Charlie Brown would be ashamed — that ball resulted in an embarrassing own-goal score.

It should probably be noted that van der Hart is actually on loan from Ajax, too, which is sure to cause some controversy among doubters that a professional goalie would make such an egregious mistake. The Eagles went on to lose, 2-1.


Soccer Player Earns Yellow Card for Doing A Handstand Before Corner Kick [Video]

Ibrahima Toure has a new approach to kicking cornerkicks, as the Al Nasr striker in the UAE Pro League decided that he’d do a handstand while his team was lining up to take a corner kick. The opposition didn’t appreciate it, and naturally started pushing and shoving to voice their displeasure.

Toure picked up a yellow card for … having too much fun during the game? Still scratching my head.