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Is This Amazing Back-Heel From UMBC the Best NCAA Soccer Goal of 2014? [Video]

UMBC Soccer Kay Banjo Backheel

UMBC beat Vermont 3-1 in the America East soccer semifinals on Wednesday. The game-winner came on Kay Banjo’s spectacular, mid-air back-heel flick from service provided by teammate Jordan Becker. 

If you’re an NCAA soccer aficionado and happen to know of a better goal from the 2014 season, let us know.



Older Everton Fan Picks Nose, Then Wipes It On Nice Lady’s Head [Video]

I’m not sure if this guy is breaking a law or not, but what he did is pretty disgusting. Watch as a senior Everton supporter casually strolls through the stadium walkway, only the pick a booger and wipe it on a lady’s head.

The troubling part of his pick-and-wipe is there’s no way it’s the first time he’s done something like this — it’s just the first time a television camera caught him doing it. Someone find this boogerman and throw him in jail!



Israeli Soccer Match Suspended Following Massive On-Field Brawl [Video]

The Tel Aviv derby between Hapoel and Maccabi was marred by violence on Monday after a shirtless fan ran onto the field and attacked Eran Zahavi, who had scored an equalizer for Maccabi from the penalty spot earlier in the match. Zahavi, an Israel international, formerly played for Hapoel and was sent off by the referee. From there the match turned into chaos as fans from both sides ran onto the field. It was subsequently abandoned at halftime.

The BBC provides more:

Hapoel manager Eyal Berkovic, who played for Southampton, West Ham, Celtic, Blackburn, Manchester City and Portsmouth, said: “This was not a game of football, it was war.
“I’m stunned and ashamed to be involved in football on a day like today.
“Both clubs and both sets of supporters must be severely punished for what happened here.”

Violence from the incident continued into Tuesday. From the Guardian:

Tel Aviv police confirmed that 10 people had been arrested which prompted further brawling outside a city courthouse on Tuesday. Video footage showed the fans flailing wildly on the street and hitting each other with belts and sticks for several minutes.


James Rodriguez Scored One of the Best Goals of the Year vs. Granada [Video]

James Rodriguez flashed some of that World Cup magic this afternoon in Real Madrid’s game vs. Granda in La Liga. Words don’t exactly come close to doing the goal justice, so just watch. You know you’re a special player when you can routinely make the incredible — a left-footed volley into the upper 90 in this instance — look effortless.  


Hamburger SV Goalkeeper Makes Save with the Family Jewels [Video]

Bayern Munich beat Hamburger SV 3-1 in the German Cup on Wednesday. That’s not much of a surprise, considering Bayern are one of the best teams in Europe, while HSV is one of the worst near the bottom of the Bundesliga standings. However, Hamburg keeper Jaroslav Drobny still managed to put his body (part) on the line — painfully — in the loss when a shot drilled him right in the groin.

Or, as whomever was calling the match for British television said, the family jewels.


Dutch Goalie Takes a Piss Next to Goal in the Middle of a Match [Video]


Excelsior ’31 is a football club in Netherlands’ 2nd highest amateur division. (If I’m reading Wikipedia correctly.) During a match earlier this month, their goalkeeper had to use the bathroom, but because of soccer’s rules about substitutions and a running clock, he couldn’t take a break to use the nearest bathroom. So he lifted his shorts and pissed on the side of the net.