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Slava Voynov Suspended Indefinitely By NHL After Domestic Violence Arrest

Slava Voynov, a defenseman on the Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings, has been suspended indefinitely by the NHL after a domestic violence arrest. The league released the following statement (Via PHT):

Los Angeles Kings defenseman Slava Voynov has been suspended indefinitely from all club activities pending a formal investigation by the National Hockey League of an arrest this morning on charges of domestic violence.

The suspension was imposed under Section 18-A.5 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which provides that, during the pendency of a criminal investigation, “The League may suspend the Player pending the League’s formal review and disposition of the matter where the failure to suspend the Player during this period would create a substantial risk of material harm to the legitimate interests and/or reputation of the League.”

Voynov, who will continue to be paid during the pendency of the investigation, was arrested for California Penal Code section 273.5, Domestic Violence.

Thus far, there are scant details available about the arrest; the climate in professional sports has changed dramatically in the past several months, and paid suspensions as investigations run their course appears to be the new norm.


Milan Lucic Made an Obscene Gesture With His Crotch Towards Canadiens Fans, Fined $5,000 [Video]

Milan Lucic gesture at Canadiens fans

The Boston Bruins are off to a 2-4 start to the season and were  visiting the Montreal Canadiens on Thursday night. Late in the game, with the Canadiens up 5-4, Milan Lucic took a dumb boarding penalty. As he entered the box, he appears to make a vigorous gesture towards the jeering Montreal fans. A minute later, after the Canadiens scored again to put the game away, Lucic yelled something at a referee and was awarded a 10-minute game misconduct penalty. 

The NHL will review Lucic’s gesture.

[UPDATE: According to Joe McDonald of , the league reviewed video of Lucic seemingly making a lewd gesture while in the penalty box during Boston’s 6-4 loss to the Habs on Thursday night.

Tom Gulitti of The Record announced Lucic has been fined:


Winnipeg Jets’ Blake Wheeler Scores Twice in 15 Seconds, Also Throws Down with Shane Doan [Video]

Blake Wheeler had an eventful start to the NHL season Thursday night. 

The Winnipeg Jets right winger tallied two goals in a 15-second window against the Arizona Coyotes during the first period. He also managed to get his face thoroughly pummeled later in the game, making it a full, laugh-think-cry kind of day for the 28-year-old.

Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky spotted video of Wheeler’s goals, the first sneaking under Mike Smith’s pads and the second coming on a shot deflection soon after.

Fifteen seconds. Two scores.

The Jets’ alternate captain also tallied an assist in Winnipeg’s 6-2 plastering of Arizona, but his offensive potency was only matched by the beatdown he incurred at the hands of Coyotes forward Shane Doan.

Two scores, an assist and a butt-whooping is a full day at the office


Matt Adams Homer Off Clayton Kershaw Sends the Cardinals to the NLCS [Video]

Clayton Kershaw and the Los Angeles Dodgers might want to petition baseball to eliminate the seventh inning of playoff games, at least against the St. Louis Cardinals anyways. The lefty ace was rolling in Game 4 and hadn’t allowed a run until the seventh inning. Kershaw gave up up two straight singles to start the inning followed by a three-run homer by Matt Adams to chase him from the game and put the Cardinals ahead 3-2.

The Cardinals scored 13 of their 16 runs in the NLDS during the seventh inning, including eight in a Game 1 comeback last week — a game also started by Kershaw.

St. Louis would go onto win its fourth straight NLCS, while the Dodgers face all sorts of offseason questions.

[Video via]


Dallas Stars’ Tyler Seguin Allowed Someone to Hit a Tee Shot Off on His Crotch [Video]

My love for golf is no secret, but I wouldn’t allow even Tiger Woods to hit a ball out of any orifice on my body. Well, maybe for a $10 million, no $20 million. Hey I’m an American, I can be bought.

Anyways, it seems Dallas Star center Tyler Seguin, doesn’t harbor my same fears of having his testicle punctured by a golf tee. He let an unknown golf pro tee off from his crotch yesterday at The Fourth Period Golf Classic charity golf tournament.

As I always say, hockey players are the toughest sports athletes in the world, so why not let a random dude hit a ball of your nuts.

[h/t The Score]


Penguins’ Evgeni Malkin Swam with a Whale Shark During His Offseason

Penguins superstar center, Evgeni Malkin, is living his offseason to the fullest.

The Pittsburgh star posted a picture of himself swimming next to the largest animal in the ocean, a whale shark!

It’s a filter-feeding shark, so it’s relatively harmless to us humans, outside of its sheer size.

Luckily, he has photographic evidence to prove that this actually happened and now has an awesome memory.

Malkin has logged plenty of memorable offseason moments on his Instagram account recently. Two days ago, he posted a picture holding up a pair of impressive barracudas. And two weeks ago, posted a pic at the French Open.

[Evgeni Malkin, h/t Pittsburgh Penguins and The Score]