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Drunk Habs Fan Terrifies Nearby Fans, Passes Beer to Friend Before Puking on Himself [Video]

The Senators beat the Montreal Canadians last week in Ottawa, 4-2. This was obviously too much for one Habs fan who drank to the point where he threw up on himself, to the horror of those seated nearby. To be fair, he could haven’t been that drunk. The vomit was not projectile and he was able to pass off his unfinished beer. In Canada, it’s called a boot and rally. Eh?



Sidney Crosby Wears A GoPro Camera To Show Off His Amazing Stick Handling Skills

In the latest “On the Ice” NHL video by GoPro, you can take a closer look at the amazing talent of Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby.

In the video Crosby goes through a series of drills showing off his impressive stick handling skills. You can also see Crosby make an amazing circus goal where he flips the puck to himself from behind the net and slams it down from mid-air.

hoping can the NHL can figure out how to implement GoPro cameras in-game because the results so far are amazing.


Elderly New York Islanders Fan Shares Parking Lot Sex Story During In-Game Interview [Video]

Last night, perhaps the most passionate New York Islanders fan around had her 15 seconds of fame on television. Joy Rosen, who has been an Islanders season ticket holder since the team’s inception in 1972, was interviewed during Monday’s game against the Rangers. Fortunately, she had a delightful story to share with the audience, as she talked about conceiving her son in the Nassau Coliseum parking lot. Stay Classy New York!

The Islanders lost this one, 6-5, so she probably wasn’t in the same kind of mood tonight after the game.

[h/t Keith]


Mats Zuccarello and Leo Komarov Traded F-Bombs in English During Rangers – Leafs [Video]

Mats Zuccarello of the New York Rangers is from Norway. Leo Komarov of the Toronto Maple Leafs is from Russia. And I’m guessing that neither of them speak much English. However, they do know one very popular American phrase. You know those two words that every good fight starts with. Well, during Tuesday’s Rangers – Leafs game, the two exchanged some pleasantries in English. No clue what caused the two to start throwing f-bombs from the bench, but Zuccarello got the last laugh as he scored the game winner shortly after this interaction took place.

[h/t SomeHockeyVideos]


Ryan White Broke Matt Martin’s Nose In One Of The Best Hockey Fights of the Year [Video]

Ryan White and Matt Martin dropped their gloves early in Thursday night’s Islanders – Flyers game for one of the best hockey fights you’ll see all year. White landed a perfect shot that broke Martin’s nose, yet somehow didn’t motivate the Flyers on to glory, as the Islanders won in a shootout. White and Martin fought two years ago, without the spectacular result of a broken nose.


Lightning Winger Ryan Callahan Skates into Boards, Intentionally Spills Blues Fan’s Beer? [Video]

Ryan Callahan of the Tampa Bay Lightning spilled an unsuspecting Blues fan’s beer when he skated into the glass on Tuesday night. $8+ is a frustrating cost to bear in that scenario for getting unlucky with your cupholder, but that’s the risk you run when you store your suds on the boards in a high-traffic area.


Nashville Predators Broadcast Featured A Woman Enjoying A Loud Orgasm [Video]

The Nashville Predators lost in overtime last night to the St. Louis Blues. Fox Sports Tennessee’s broadcast had some background audio that definitely sounded like simulated sexual pleasure from a member of the fairer sex.

Although, to be fair, I haven’t personally caught many Predators games on television this year. Perhaps this is a routine feature of the broadcast.

Sex sells, after all.

 [H/T: Uproxx Sports vine via Greg Balloch]