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Nashville Predators Broadcast Featured A Woman Enjoying A Loud Orgasm [Video]

The Nashville Predators lost in overtime last night to the St. Louis Blues. Fox Sports Tennessee’s broadcast had some background audio that definitely sounded like simulated sexual pleasure from a member of the fairer sex.

Although, to be fair, I haven’t personally caught many Predators games on television this year. Perhaps this is a routine feature of the broadcast.

Sex sells, after all.

 [H/T: Uproxx Sports vine via Greg Balloch]


Islanders – Rangers Rivalry Spills Into the Stands For a Good Old Fashion New York Fan Fight [Video]

The New York Islanders currently sit atop the NHL’s Eastern Conference. The New York Rangers are the current 6-seed. The Islanders haven’t finished a season with more points than the Rangers since the 2002-2003 season. Between that and the Manhattan – Long Island thing, I think it is safe to say there could be some resentment harbored somewhere in the East River. Now that the Islanders are good again, their fans can finally fight back. Before they get carried off by security.


Zach Parise Takes Puck to the Face, Picks Up Tooth, Returns to the Game [Video]

If you’ve ever listen to the SportsCast or been to this site, you know very well my thoughts on how badass hockey players are. And here is just another reason why.

Minnesota Wild forward Zach Parise took a puck to the face against the Edmonton Oilers in the first period Tuesday night. After staring at the ice for a few seconds, Parise realized his tooth was sitting in a pool of blood. He took off his glove, picked up said tooth and skated off the ice.

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If you thought a missing tooth was going to keep him out of the game, guess again. The forward returned after some minor dental work. What a BADASS!

[YouTube, h/t Puck Daddy]


What In The World? This Goal Was Absolutely Disgusting by Nikola Gusev During the KHL Skills Competition [Video]

Nikola Gusev, who was drafted by the Tampa Bay Lightning in the seventh round back in 2012, pulled off an amazing, lacrosse-style goal during KHL’s super skill competition in Sochi.

Watch as Gusev lifts the puck between his legs, does a full, 360-degree spin and then blasts the puck past goaltender Stanislav Galimov, who didn’t really stand much of a chance.

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NHL All-Stars Get GoPros Strapped to Their Helmets to Show Off Their Disgusting Skills [Video]

On the eve of the NHL All-Star Weekend, GoPro has announced an official partnership with the NHL. Details of the deal are hazy, but on a very simple level we know this: GoPro’s are coming to the NHL.

In honor of the momentous partnership, several of the NHL All-Stars strapped GoPro’s to their buckets for practice and gave us all a first person look at the absolutely sickening skills that make up an NHL All-Star.

Here are the details regarding the GoPro and NHL deal (as reported by ESPN):

GoPro has signed a deal with the NHL to bring its wearable cameras closer to the action on the ice and let viewers see games from the perspective of players and referees.

It’s the company’s first such deal with a major professional sports league. While GoPro would not comment on whether other partnerships are in the works, they would make sense.

As part of the NHL deal, footage from GoPro cameras on players, referees and placed around the rink will be shown as part of the live broadcast of this weekend’s All-Star events.

Later, prerecorded footage from the players will be incorporated into TV broadcasts of games.


Maple Leafs Interim Coach Falls On Ass During First Official Practice [Video]

Peter Horachek was named the interim head coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs on Wednesday. The following day, new leader held his first practice. During that practice, he fell on his bum. This is a reminder that it is funny when even the most experienced skater falls on his ass.

The Leafs have dropped 3 straight and are currently tied for 9th in the East. 

[via @Gordie78]


NHL Referee Mike Leggo Puked All Over the Ice [Video]

Casual sports fans may not be familiar with veteran NHL referee Mike Leggo, but that’s all about to change thanks to some stomach troubles.

With 7:37 remaining in the first period of last night’s Pittsburgh Penguins-Tampa Bay Lightning game, Leggo puked all over the ice. To point out the obvious: it was fairly gross.

Leggo left and didn’t return. Hopefully he’s feeling better.

This footage will be used by members of the Penguins’ ice crew union the next time contract negotiations occur. They should be commended for their heroic cleanup work.

[Puck Daddy]