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Lawrence Timmons Threw Up Twice On the Field During Monday Night Football [Video]


Lawrence Timmons of the Steelers threw up twice during Monday Night’s Football game versus the Texans — once before a play and once as he was running off the field.  

Lawrence Timmons puking against Houston-b

I sure hope someone cleans that up or waters it down, could you imagine being the guy on the bottom of the pile with you face in vomit.

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Future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning has broken Brett Favre’s record for the most passing touchdowns in a career with 509. Manning officially broke the record with an eight-yard pass to Demaryius Thomas.

Peyton Manning 509 touchdowns

Favre is happy to pass the torch to Manning. He told Arnie Stapleton of The Associated Press that he knows the family well and is pleased he’s the one who gets to set the new standard.

“I’m glad it’s Peyton that’s doing it,” Favre said. “I think a lot of Peyton. I know him well. I know his family well. His dad was one of my idols.”

Even for the most cynical of football fans, it was a special, touching moment. Shortly afterwards, Manning tried to retrieve the football, but Thomas, Wes Welker, and Emmanuel Sanders played keepaway with it. The only way the ruse would’ve been better would’ve been if they had somehow figured out a way to switch it out with a dummy ball, and thrown it into the stands.

Peyton Manning keepaway 509

Congrats to Peyton on the historic achievement, take this moment in sports fans, players like this don’t come around very often.

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Sean Payton Tells Interrupting Reporter to Be Quiet After Losing to the Lions [Video]

Sean Payton was a little snippy in his post-game press conference after the Saints lost to the Lions and dropped to 2-4 this afternoon. First he called out a reporter for asking a dumb (inaudible) question. About 40 seconds later, the Saints coach got curt when he was interrupted. We’re reaching the point in the season where frustration is starting to bubble over for underachieving teams.

[Video via Raycom Media & WVUE; H/T @TylerBoudin]


Jamaal Charles Video Game-Like TD Run Ends with Brutal Hit in the End Zone [Video]

Jamaal Charles took out Brandon Flowers on touchdown run-a

Jamaal Charles finished off a fantastic 16-yard touchdown run against San Diego by hanging onto the ball after colliding with Brandon Flowers. Charles bounced right up but Flowers required a little help and was evaluated for a concussion, and returned to the game.

Jamaal Charles took out Brandon Flowers on touchdown run

Charles also passed Priest Holmes to become Kansas City’s all-time leading rusher.

Jamaal Charles

The Chiefs would go onto to upset the Chargers 23-20.


Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller Both Carted Off the Field in Buffalo [Video]

Fred Jackson injury against Minnesota

The Buffalo Bills continue to be snake bitten. Fred Jackson left the game with a groin injury, riding to the locker room on a cart. No problem, as that just means C.J. Spiller might actually get an opportunity to do something.

In a play that sums up Spiller, he busted a long run, but then had to be carted off himself with what appears to be a shoulder injury after falling to the ground on the tackle.

CJ Spiller injury against Minnesota

According to Jason La Canfora, Spiller has a broken collarbone.

[GIFs by Michael Shamburger, photo by Buffalo News]


Percy Harvin Traded to the New York Jets, According to Jay Glazer

Rex Ryan asked for more weapons to surround Geno Smith with, and the New York Jets may have addressed that big offensive issue after reportedly acquiring Percy Harvin from the Seattle Seahawks for a conditional draft pick.’s Ian Rapoport confirmed the trade:

 Harvin was just traded to Seattle as part of a deal that involved a first round pick before last season.

The only non-shocking thing about this deal is that Harvin has apparently worn out his welcome somewhere else. Everything else about this is a stunner. It makes little sense for a team like the Jets, sitting at 1-6, to trade away future picks for a player like Harvin in the middle of a season where the playoffs are already a pipe dream.

Seattle, meanwhile, is in contention again, and just traded a dangerous weapon, albeit a volatile one.