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John Boyett: Released By Broncos After Being Arrested For Assault and Telling Officers to Contact John Elway

John Boyett, a now-former Broncos practice squad player who went to Oregon, was arrested early Wednesday and charged with third-degree assault, theft and harassment. The details of Boyett’s night are, to the least….interesting. Via the Denver Post:

john-boyettpolice say he drunkenly head-butted and punched a cab driver, stole a shovel from a construction site then tried to hide from officers by covering himself in mulch, court records show.

Boyett, 24, told arresting officers to “contact his boss John Elway” before repeatedly slamming his head into a patrol car window while yelling and spitting, records say.

Amazingly, Boyett had a similar reaction in a 2013 arrest when he was with the Indianapolis Colts. 13 months ago he repeatedly told police, “you can’t arrest me, I’m a Colts player.” Boyett, a second-year safety, was released by the Broncos on Thursday following the arrest.

[Denver Post]


Peyton Manning Was Pissed Off at the Denver Scoreboard Operator: “It Wasn’t His Best Night” [Video]

Peyton Manning does not tolerate imperfection. Sure, Denver was up by 14 at the end of the game, killing the clock. And sure, the scoreboard operator wanted to keep the crowd fired up.

But dammit, Peyton had a job to do, and that crowd was not making it easy. Oh, and don’t be disrespectful and show Philip Rivers on the scoreboard while Manning is trying to end this game. So, yeah, Mr. Scoreboard Operator, it’s going to be a long morning.

The 6-1 Broncos won 35-21, but Manning is a perfectionist, so he tends to get a little worked up even when his team has a comfortable lead.



This week for fantasy was a disaster as I loss in all four of my leagues.  The funny part is I didn’t even play against Peyton Manning or Aaron Rodgers *sigh*.  But hey thats the beauty and beast of playing fantasy football and it comes with the territory so on to week 8.  This is the time of year where the league starts to take the air out of the ball a little bit and get back to the ground game.  The temps are starting to drop in most cities and a running attack will be more vital.  Hopefully you all have tried to shore up your rb situations because the running games are coming.  Passing will continue to be a big key for everyone but rb’s will be needed so yeah thats more warning to you all.  Here are my week 8 studs and duds……


  • The Chargers won this Thursday night matchu last year, but this time will likely be different. My BOOM player for this game is Demaryius Thomas (and Peyton Manning.. duh). DT has been on a tear and now he gets a Chargers team that will be without #1 CB Brandon Flowers. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Phillip Rivers. He will be decent but it won’t be his finest hour.  Denver has the two leading sack artists in the league with Von Miller? Demarcus Ware. He wont have much time operate.  However as an elite option you will still need to play him in this divisional matchup.


  • I know wacky things happen when games are played out of the country but i think this will be all Lions. My BOOM player for this game is Jique Bell. The Falcons have no resistance on their defensive line and the Lions have shifted to a more ball control offense sans Megatron. He should gobble up yardage and have addtional opportunities because of the stout Lions defense+ a hobbled Reggie Bush. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Roddy White. The Lions vicious pass rush combined with Roddy’s decline will hamper his chances at a big day. 


  • Both of these teams need a win badly for their morale and record sake.  It should be a fun game to see two emerging star QB’s. My BOOM player for this game is Russell Wilson. Russ has had to shoulder more of the offensive load with a slumping defense and running game but he has more than answered the bell.  He has been putting up massive numbers running and passing as he became the only QB ever to post a 300yd & +100 rushing yard day. Panthers defense has been hot butter. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Jonathan Stewart. The Panthers running game is nothing you should be investing your time in.


  • The Bengals are reeling and the Ravens are rolling to some extent.  This divisional game is always a battle so the direction of each team will be invalid. My BOOM player for this game is Steve Smith.  No Leon Hall in this game to defend him will be trouble instantly. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Andy Dalton. This team simply doesn’t have enough healthy weapons to thrive against a stingy Ravens defense.


  • The Dolphins should win this game fairly easy, but then again we know any given Sunday things happen. My BOOM player for this game is Lamar Miller. Miller has been on a roll with the rejuvenated run game and the Jags aren’t stopping anyone. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Denard Robinson. Denard was one of the hot pickups this week off waivers but don’t expect much from him against the Dolphins top 10 run defense.


  • I expect a big letdown from the Rams after such a huge win last week against Seattle.  My BOOM player for this game is Jamaal Charles (if he plays).  The Rams are giving up yards by the bus load on the ground and now they get a date with one of the most electric RB’s in football. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Zac Stacy.  Coach Jeff Fisher says they will go with the “hot hand” at RB but Zac Stacy never seems to be the one.  He now seems to be the third stringer and his carries are unpredictable.


  • If the Bears don’t find their groove offensively this could turn into a blowout. My BOOM player for this game is Tom Brady. Brady has on a roll lately, and now he gets a depleted Bears defense. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Jay Cutler.  Cutler has been struggling with turnovers and the inability to move the ball. They may lean on Forte heavily and take the ball out of his hands in this game. Plus he is facing the 2nd ranked pass defense.


  • Kyle Orton has instantly made the Bills respectable so the Jets have their hands full. My BOOM player for this game is Sammy Watkins.  The Jets don’t really have any db’s that can cover Sammy so unless Rex comes up with a great scheme he will be feasting. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Chris Johnson. Chris is a 2nd fiddle n this offense and almos an afterthought so stay away from him.


  • Tampa has been a disaster this season but this game they might have a good chance of winning against a iffy Vikings squad. My BOOM player for this game is Jerick McKinnon (Teddy has a shot too).  Considering how bad the Bucs defense has been, Jerick should be able to get loose for a td. Teddy played well against the Falcons awful defense and this might be a re-run. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Doug Martin. Doug should be able to make plays against the Vikings run defense but then again he looks to be done as a feature back. I wouldn’t expect a huge day from him.


  • Neither team has a true foundation at quarterback so who knows what will happen. My BOOM player for this game is Andre Johnson. The coaching staff admitted to not getting AJ more involved on Monday night and so did the QB. I expect him to be targeted early and often in this matchup. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Bishop Sankey. The Titans have a sputtering ground game as it is and now they will be starting a rookie at QB. The Texans will be crowding the line of scrimmage.


  • This could potentially be the biggest game of the weekend with NFC supremacy on the line for both of these 1 loss teams. My BOOM player for this game is Michael Floyd (Carson Palme should thrive too). The Eagles are very suspect against the pass and Floyd should have his way with the Eagles DB’s. Plus he has scored a td the last 2 games with Palmer back in the lineup.
  • My BUST player for this game would be Nick Foles.  Foles has been shaky this season to say the least. The Cardinals have a very good secondary and although Foles should have time to pass I’m not sure how well he will do. He won’t be terrible but certainly not great either.


  • A classic garbage game this weekend.  My BOOM player for this game is Ben Tate who shoud have success against the Raiders defense. 
  • My BUST player is James Jones as he goes up against Joe Haden.


  • The Steelers caught a break Monday night going up against the Texans qb Ryan Fitzpatrick but Sunday will be much different. My BOOM player for this game is Andrew Luck. Luck should have his way with this Steelers defense that has underwhelmed all year. 
  • My BUST player for this game is LeVeon Bell. I don’t think he does horrible but the Colts run defense is better than advertised. The Steelers could be down in this game and forced to pass. Although Bell is involved in the passing game it isn’t at high volume.


  • Aaron Rodgers versus Drew Brees is definitely worth making sure Sunday dinner is ready for kickoff. My BOOM player for this game is Aaron Rodgers (and Jordy Nelson). The Saints secondary has been atrocious and Rodgers has been ghost pepper hot. I expect him to torch the Saints on primeime television. 
  • My BUST player in this game is Jimmy Graham. Graham still isn’t fully healthy so it is hard to trust him. Especially being that his snap counts are limited.


  • The Cowboys are stacking up quality wins and the Redskins are stacking up losses so i expect the trend to continue. My BOOM player in this game is Dez Bryant. Dez always smells blood in the water when a team lacks db’s (much like the Redskins non-existent secondary) so I expect him to eat all night. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Alfred Morris. Alfred has had a tough time cracking 100 yards this year much to the game flow each week.  They tend to be down early and never get a chance to establish the run. Well that will happen again this week, plus add the fact that Dallas is beter against the run than most believe.

Thank you all for reading and goodluck to your fantasy teams.  Chat back with you all next week!  Cheers to week 8!



Right when we think we have the NFL figured out they throw us a curveball. Nobody would have thought the Rams would be Seattle or that the Browns would lay an egg against the Jags. I was disappointed the Panthers didn’t put up much of a fight as it seemed Cam had turned the corner healthwise. Romo has taken so much flak over the years for his erratic play even though as he has kept the Cowboys franchise duct taped together. Now that he is running the Cowboys offese masterfully (finaly having an O-Line+consistent running game) everyone is turning a blind eye. Week 7 had a lot of twists but here are my thoughts…..


This game was a lot closer than I would have imagined but the Jets executed their gameplan perfectly. Only problem is they STILL loss the game by Rex Ryan burning their prematurely. Brady is still on fire but the Patriots defense wil need to tighten up because they won’t always be facing a terrible Jets team. Also worth noting Geno showed poise and promise but the Jets franchise is just a toxic situation.


 The Falcons are a dumpter fire on defense. Now because of the severe depletion of offensive linemen it is becoming that way on the offensive side of the ball too. The Falcons season is fading fas after it seemed to be so promising. Torrey Smith is slowly emerging as a legit option in the Ravens offense again after scoring 4 tds in the past 4 weeks.


 A game that many thought would be a cruiser for the Bills turned out to be a nail biter. There was a Cordarrelle Patterson siting albeit very brief as he caught a  6yd touchdown to give Teddy his first ever td pass.  Kyle Orton put the Bills offense on his back (sounds so funny saying that) as both of his starting rb’s went down to injury. Sammy Watkins is quickly proving to be a budding star as he caught the game winning td with one second left on the clock. He often dominated the Vikings secondary and while thats not a tall task it should be noted that Watkins is just a rookie.


 I seen this loss coming. The Bears don’t play well at home for whatever reason and the Dolphins have a top 12 defense that comes to play every week. Jay Cutler and Marc Trestman should be ashamed of themselves for not averaging atleast 27 points a game with all their weapons.  Then again Jay Cutler is who we thought he was all along. A turnover machine that often displays poor leadership with his distant aloof aura. There are plenty offenses in the league doing better with less.


The Saints flat out blew this game with a couple costly (uncharacteristic) turnovers by Brees and another poor defensive effort.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saints fire Rob Ryan this week because there is no excuse for how bad that defense has quickly become. The Lions are a scary bunch considering they aren’t even at full strength right now. It is also not surprising to see how well that defensive line is playing considering the fact they got a few guys trying to get paid.


 It is now safe to say that Aaron Rodgers has put his stamp on being a part of the MVP discussion. The way he is surgically ripping defenses right now is phenomenal to witness. The Panthers are still in 1st place in their division in spite of how poorly they have looked this season. I thought Cam Newton would put on a show against Rodgers and build off last week but that offense looked often overwhelmed.


The Colts made it a priority to stop the Bengals running game and they did just that. As a result, it put pressure on Dalton to put points on the board in which he failed miserably.  It’s not a total shock to me to see they got shut out considering the lack of weapons they have at receiver. Sanu as their only reliable target was destined for shutdown at some point. They will get healthier on offense but the defense is another story as they have taken a major step back and some players are in major regression mode. Colts roll on in predictable fashion.


The Jags defense has slowly come around and it may have peaked this season on Sunday. It wasn’t the toughest of offenses but they did shut down a runnin game that has been fairly dominant this season.  The loss of All-Pro Center Alex Mack of the Browns prove to be a huge loss as the Jags stuffed the run and forced Hoyer to be a passer. After torching the Steelers last Sunday he quickly turned back into a pumpkin with an array of wild errant throws. The Jags shutdown an offense that the Steelers coud not…hmmmm…NFL “any given Sunday” mantra I guess.


Although the Hawks had plenty controversy and catter surrounding the Percy Harvin trade this week I still thought they’d beat the Rams.  The Seahawks defense isn’t what it used to be right now and they need a few db’s to get healthy. Russell Wilson seems to be taking a step forward with this offense but they cant forget to keep Marshawn Lynch involved. They play 16 Super Bowls this season so I expected it to be a bit of a struggle. However, they have to find a way to get stops because that intimidating mystique the defense once has is quickly evaporating.  Also worth noting… the Rams may have found their answer at running back with rookie stud Tre Mason. His speed and decisiveness makes him the best RB they have by a wide margin.


Kirk Cousins played so horrible he was replaced by third stringer Colt McCoy. Colt won this game for the Redskins which is all you need to know about how awful the Titans have become. Washington fans will now welcome back RG3 with open arms.


Andy Reid shows his brilliance once again as he is highly successful winning games coming off a bye. The Chargers were outplayed as the Chiefs gave them a dose of their own medicine by dominating the time of possession game. This isn’t a complete upset as the Chiefs/Chargers games are always tough.


I think it has become official that the Cowboys are legit.  This seemed like a classic trap game yet the Cowboys came out and took care of business.  The run game has done wonders for Romo’s efficiency and they seem to be getting better. A true indication of an offense getting better is when you start to utilize more of your weapons. Gavin Escobar was the beneficiary yesterday catching 2 TD’s and looking like an athletic mismatch they can exploit. 


 It didn’t take much for the Cardinals to beat the Raiders as Carson Palmer continues to work his arm back to full strength. However, after looking very suspect the last few weeks the defense actually played well and limited the Raiders aerial attack that was quite potent against the Chargers.

BRONCOS 42  49ERS 17

This night was perfectly set up for Peyton Manning to break the touchdown record  as all he needed was 3 and there wasn’t anything the 49ers could do about it.  It didn’t help that they were missing 2 stud LB’s and a few DB’s but it still wouldn’t have happened. Of course Peyton was spectacular, but Colin Kaepernick quietly played well. His athleticism and ability to throw on the run across his body is extraordinary. Sunday night was a Broncos party and the 49ers were merely invited to the blowout festivities.


The Texans should have won this game but when you have Ryan Fitzpatrick as your quarterback these things happen.  The Steelers put on a 3 minute, 21 point blitz to end the half and basically never looked back.  The Steelers won the game but still looked like a team ready for implosion.  They were just fortunate enough to be playing the hapless Texans on national television. 


Lawrence Timmons Threw Up Twice On the Field During Monday Night Football [Video]


Lawrence Timmons of the Steelers threw up twice during Monday Night’s Football game versus the Texans — once before a play and once as he was running off the field.  

Lawrence Timmons puking against Houston-b

I sure hope someone cleans that up or waters it down, could you imagine being the guy on the bottom of the pile with you face in vomit.

[GIFs via TheBigLead]




Future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning has broken Brett Favre’s record for the most passing touchdowns in a career with 509. Manning officially broke the record with an eight-yard pass to Demaryius Thomas.

Peyton Manning 509 touchdowns

Favre is happy to pass the torch to Manning. He told Arnie Stapleton of The Associated Press that he knows the family well and is pleased he’s the one who gets to set the new standard.

“I’m glad it’s Peyton that’s doing it,” Favre said. “I think a lot of Peyton. I know him well. I know his family well. His dad was one of my idols.”

Even for the most cynical of football fans, it was a special, touching moment. Shortly afterwards, Manning tried to retrieve the football, but Thomas, Wes Welker, and Emmanuel Sanders played keepaway with it. The only way the ruse would’ve been better would’ve been if they had somehow figured out a way to switch it out with a dummy ball, and thrown it into the stands.

Peyton Manning keepaway 509

Congrats to Peyton on the historic achievement, take this moment in sports fans, players like this don’t come around very often.

[GIFs via TheBigLead]