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Odell Beckham, Jr. Catch Memes Include 50 Cent, the Nutcracker & the Sistine Chapel

Odell Beckham, Jr., as you’ve surely seen over an over by now, made a catch for the ages last night against the Cowboys. As tends to happen when these things happen, the Internet went wild with a whole bunch of memes. These were some of the more creative ones:


Frustrated by Late Patriots Touchdown, Dominic Raiola Dove at the Knees of a Patriots Player [Video]

The Patriots pounded the Lions Sunday, 34-9, but all anyone is going to be talking about Monday is the very last play of the game.

Late in the 4th quarter, with the game in hand, the Patriots could have taken a couple kneel downs and ended the game. But Bill Belichick opted to hand the ball to LeGarrette Blount, who scored for the final margin.

This angered Detroit center Dominic Raiola, and as you can see above, he ended the game in dirty fashion, diving at the knees of New England backup defensive lineman Zach Moore.

When asked about it after the game, Raiola told the Free Press:

“I cut him,” Raiola said. “We took a knee, so I cut the nose (tackle). They went for six (a touchdown). They went for a touchdown at 2 minutes. They could have took three knees and the game could have been over. It’s football. He wants to keep playing football, let’s play football. Not a big deal. It’s football.”

Wonder how that will sit with the NFL league office. Raiola has a rich history of being a jerk.


Odell Beckham, Jr. Made the Best Catch You Will Ever See [Video]

It’s over. Just call off the category of best NFL catch of 2014, because Odell Beckham just made the most insane catch you will ever see. Degree of difficulty: insane. A bomb, being interfered with, falling down, and reaching back one-handed while staying inbounds. We’ve seen Beckham do these kind of tricks while in warmups, but to do this in a game? Absurd.

He’s the champ, so put on your robe.

[GIFs via BroBible]


This Visualization Ranks How Much NFL Teams Have Been Fined this Season


This map, which breaks down the relative amount that each NFL team’s players have been fined thus far this season, was compiled by Jody Sieradzki at Dadaviz. At over $3 million, the Cardinals are currently the leaders, but there is still some time left for the contenders in Miami, Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco to catch up before it’s all said and done.


BONEHEAD OF THE WEEK: Steelers Tell Mike Mitchell to Stay Off Social Media After Tweeting “Kill Yourself” to Fan

Mike Mitchell, a Pittsburgh Steelers safety, made a couple mistakes on twitter after the Monday Night Football win over Tennessee: He took to direct message to tell a fan, “kill yourself”and another to “die broke.”


Mitchell must have thought that he was “safe” sending these guys that follow him direct messages, but they just took screen grabs and posted them for the masses to see.

The Pittsburgh media obviously was all over the story, leading to the Steelers suspending Mitchell from social media for his outburst.

Yeah, it’s a bit unseemly that someone would take DMs and go public with them, but it’s twitter, and just about anything goes online, so are you really surprised?

The Steelers signed Mitchell in free agency earlier this year, stealing him from Carolina and lavishing him with a 5-year, $25 million deal.

[Screen grabs via CBS Pittsburgh, h/t]

"Denver Broncos vs St. Louis Rams, NFL"


Wow so the Broncos get smashed by the Rams, Saints lose 2 ina row at home, and the Bears actually look like an NFL team. Many surprising twists in week 11 as many teams are jockeying for position down the stretch. It is absolutely amazing that for as bad as the Falcons have looked, they are actually alive for a playoff spot in the dumpsville of a division that is the NFC South. Welp, here are my week 11 views…..


One would have thought that the Bills could take advantage of the Dolphins losing stud LT Branden Albert but that clearly didn’t happen. The Dolphins ran an efficient yet conservative offense that negated the Bills pass rush. Safe to say the Bills will be searching for answers again this offseason as they are likely to miss the playoffs…..Again.


Both of these teams are awful but someone had to win. The NFC South is so bad that this game put the Falcons in the division lead and back on the playoff map with it’s 4th win. 


The Bears had nothing to lose and they came out and played like it.  Cutler actually looked competent as an NFL QB for a change and finally got a home win. However, it’s not a tough task to beat Teddy Bridgewater who seems to be regressing rapidly.


A total meltdown at home like this is why nobody can fully trust the Browns. The Browns loss at home to a team that played a backup qb and a rookie RB. Brian Hoyer was erratic all day as he managed to have 30 incompletions which is beyond awful. The Manziel chants could be rumbling again if they have another flop like this.


The Chiefs are a tough , hard-nosed football team and deserve a ton of credit. Andy Reid is doing a magnificent job with a team that is so limited offensively. The Hawks are banged up in some key positions but Chiefs OC Doug Pederson has been masterful in finding ways to get points on the board.


Right when everyone counts the Bengals out they go and pull off a win like this which is so typical. The Saints losing 2 games in a row at home is like seeing a unicorn. Brees and that offense just isn’t the same right now and that hurts because the defense isn’t going to win them games.

49ERS 16  GIANTS 10

San Fran wanted to give this game away so badly but the Giants couldn’t capitalize. Eli’s old ways came back full bloom on Sunday as he threw five picks. The offensive line was atrocious as Eil was pressured all day most notably when OL Justin Pugh went down.  Niners are rolling and might be gaining momentum for a late season run against these convenient cupcake matchups.


Shocker of the wekend as the Rams not only beat Denver, but also held them to 7 points. Peyton loss a couple key players offensively but he has struggled recently against NFC West teams. Makes you wonder have they solved their toughness issues up front on offense/defense. Most elling story of how dominant the Rams were is the fact that rookie RB Tre Mason topped 100yds rushing and the Broncos haven’t givne up 100yds on the ground the entire year.


The Redskins seem to be the Oakland Raiders ‘East” at this point and it isn’t surprising the Bucs went there and got a win. They let a rookie wr go for over 200yds receiving which is all you need to know about the Redskins defense.  7 points on offense against the Buc tells you all you need to know about RG3 at this point.


The Chargers are clearly not the offensive beast they were for roughly the first 6 weeks of the season but it doesn’t take much to beat the Raiders.


The Cardinals are the real deal and look to be a legit factor in the playoffs especially if they get homefield advantage. Matt Stafford will need to be better for the Lions and the Cards have to run the ball better if they want to really contend in the postseason.


This was a complete annihilation as the Packers are red hot right now.  Rodgers has been unreal at home and there was no way Mark Sanchez and the Eagles were going to be able to keep up. However, the defensive gameplan was horrible and some smashmouth offense could have helped them keep this game from total anarchy.


The Patriots are the best situational football team in the NFL and it was on full display Sunday night. The Patriots took advantage of the Colts soft front by running the football down their throat all night.  They also do a great job at taking away your best option to make you beat them elsewhere as Luck wasn’t the same when he couldn’t connect with TY Hilton. Patriots keep marching.


It took the Steelers 4 quarters to get this victory but atleast they got it done. LeVeon Bell went wild as he ran for over 200yds to propel Pitt to the win. They flat out ran the clock out on the Titans in the 4th quarter….Literally.