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DeSean Jackson Mocks “Eagles Fly” Dance in Washington Tunnel [Video]

DeSean Jackson had himself a nice little game against his former team, the Philadelphia Eagles, catching 4 balls for 126 yards. The Redskins would go onto eek out a late win to the satisfaction of Jackson, who showed his love for his former team on the way out. We can surely look forward to a taunting Instagram image to supplement this dance and quote:


New Video Shows Ray Rice In Handcuffs And Kissing Janay Palmer After Infamous Elevator Punch

ABC News has exclusively obtained previously unreleased video that shows the curious aftermath of when Ray Rice knocked out his then-fiancee, now-wife Janay Palmer.

According to a report from Josh Margolin of ABC News, via Good Morning America, the latest surveillance video runs nearly 45 minutes long and shows what happened after Rice struck Palmer:

Palmer is seen physically pushing Rice away from her when he approached her immediately after the incident. Palmer was then protected by hotel security guards as Rice attempted to move closer.

The video then shows Palmer going through something of an emotional evolution in the middle of the night. Almost immediately after the assault, she appears angry. Soon after, Palmer begins to cry. And by the time she and Rice are both escorted into an elevator — handcuffed — she appears to kiss and nuzzle the one-time NFL star.

Rice attempted to stop ABC News from obtaining the footage by going to court, but was unsuccessful.

“This is a time of healing and he, quite naturally, doesn’t want another media showing of what must have been the worst event of his life,” Rice’s attorney, Peter Ginsberg said. “What the media ought to be focusing on is the issue of domestic violence.” During the two-hour hearing in Trenton, N.J. on Wednesday the lawyer pleaded for the video to not be released, “Ray Rice literally does not talk to me about the events [at the casino] without crying — to this day.”

Rice won the appeal of the NFL’s indefinite suspension a few weeks ago. On Thursday night, Rice appeared at a charity event in Baltimore and talked about the horrible incident.

“I made a horrible mistake in my life, but if you truly believe in second chances, they will forgive me,” Rice said. “I think all the fans have looked deep into who I am.”


The Ten Worst Roughing the Passer Plays of the 2014 NFL Season [Video]

The NFL is trying to protect its quarterbacks, often above all else. This point of emphasis leads to a fair amount of false positives when it comes to roughing the passer calls, as was evident last week. Referees are going to err on the side of calling Roughing the Passer if it looks close, and on bang-bang plays, lots of things can look close.

This as you can imagine, has become quite a nuisance for defensive players and coaches. Just when you think your team has just successfully stopped a drive with a big third-down play and a flag mysteriously appears, causing you to curse the gods and claim it’s the worst call of the year.

With that in mind, here are 10 of the absolutely worst roughing the passer penalties of the season thus far.

10. Wallace Gilberry on Cam Newton, Week 6, Carolina at Cincinnati

9. Jason Hatcher on Eli Manning, Week 4, New York Giants at Washington

8. Corey Liuget on E.J. Manuel, Week 3, San Diego at Buffalo

7. Patrick Willis on Drew Stanton, Week 3, San Francisco at Arizona

6. Eugene Sims on Tony Romo, Week 3, Dallas at St. Louis

5. Jason Worilds on Matt Ryan, Week 15, Pittsburgh at Atlanta

4. Jo-Lonn Dunbar on Josh McCown, Week 2, St. Louis at Tampa Bay

3. Sio Moore on Carson Palmer, Week 7, Arizona at Oakland

2. D.J. Swearinger on Robert Griffin III, Week 1, Washington at Houston

1. Nick Moody on Russell Wilson, Week 15, San Francisco at Seattle

This one takes the cake, given the call and the situation. Seattle was up 10-6, in the fourth quarter, near the goal line on third down. Without this call, Seattle would have been attempting a field goal and San Francisco would have stayed within a score.

First, Ed Hochuli’s explanation:

“I felt he hit the quarterback [Russell Wilson] in the chest with the hairline [of his helmet]. It’s a foul unless his head is completely up and would hit him face on with his face mask, so that’s why I called it. After you hit, the face mask comes up. That’s the mechanics of the body, but that wasn’t the initial contact. The hairline [of the helmet] is still a foul when you hit the quarterback with that part of your head.”

Of course, the NFL came out and actually said it was a bad call, so you know, at a time where they want everything called, this one gets the title.


Jay Cutler BENCHED! Bears Will Start Jimmy Clausen Against the Lions in Week 16

Jay Cutler’s season from Hell appears to be over as the Bears have apparently benched Smokin’ Jay in favor of Jimmy Clausen, the former Notre Dame quarterback, hasn’t really played since his rookie year in 2010 in Carolina. Jimmy “F-ing” Clausen!

Schefter also noted Cutler’s guaranteed salary for next season, though who ends up paying that is very much in question now:

Trestman addressed Cutler’s struggles but made it clear there are other problems with the team’s performance, per’s Michael C. Wright.

Clausen is 3-for-9 this season. In 2010, he threw 3 touchdowns and 9 picks in 10 starts. The Panthers finished 2-14, but that probably wasn’t Clausen’s fault.



This is a wonderful time of the year for more than the fact that it’s holiday season. NFL football is played at the highest level because so many teams are jockeying for playoff spots. A few individuals didn’t rise to the occasion but that’s neither here nor there. My thoughts around the league for week 15…..


These two teams have stellar defenses but unfortunately both of them have backup QB’s running the offense. It isn’t often we see a defensive battle like this but the Cardinals are an extremely talented defensive bunch.  Arians deserves coach of the year.


Big Ben needed this win to keep track for a playoff berth and the Falcons didn’t have much incentive. The Falcons offense is humming right now and hope to get Julio back next week to contend for a playoff spot. LeVeon Bell might be the best running back in the league as he continues to dominate as an every down RB.


The Jags had no chance of winning this game and Baltimore simply took care of business.


Clearly the upset of the Sunday. The Packers found out quickly that they weren’t in Green Bay anymore. The Bills defense is legit and now have not allowed a TD to Manning or Rodgers in back to back games. Very impressive for a team not going to the playoffs.


It is no surprise that the Panthers were able to win this game without Cam Newton. It is sad that the Panthers are still in the playoff picture with 5 wins (thanks to the NFC South).



The Bengals had this game circled on their calendars because of the way they loss to them earlier in the year. Add the fact that the media made this a “Johnny Football” game and you saw a team that was flat out ticked off.  Bengals were not going to leave that game without a win. Johnny has plenty work to do and quickly found out you can’t win NFL games playing like a video game.


This was a weird conference battle that the Colts should have ran away considering the Texans lost their QB this game (and without Amdre Johnson). TY had a hamstring injury so that hurt their offense, plus they don’t run the football well. The Texans controlled the line of scrimmage which made this game a slugfest.

Ryan Fitzpatrick injured on defensive trip against Indianapolis


This was another revenge game from a early season hiccup. The Chiefs would beat the Raiders 9 out of 10 times and they thoroughly enjoyed smashing them his week to put them back in their place.


The Patriots heard plenty trash talk after the week 1 loss so of course they wanted to take over this game quickly. The Patriots scored in all 3 phases therefore sending the message to Miami that they still own the division. Tannehill wasn’t awful but he would have needed to be better than Tom Brady to win in Foxborough. Did not happen.


The only thing worth mentioning is that rookie Odell Beckham Jr. is a bonafide stud. The Giants definitely have something to look forward to in the future as he put on a show to the tune of 145yds/3tds. RG3 showed the most life we seen all year in this game which was refreshing to see.


The good ol predictable Chargers late season collapse. It surely didn’t help that they lost their #1 WR Keenan Allen, but Denver just has too much firepower for San Diego to keep up. Peyton had the flu but made enough plays to make sure this game stayed irrelevant.

Peyton Manning attempted to make a block


Welp, the Jets won a game even though it was to an even worse team. The season has been so putrid that both sides had a team fight. So there’s that.


The Vikings shoukd really be commended for the effort they give every week as a team that doesn’t give easy wins. The Lions had a fight all day but got an early Xmas gift by the Packers losing to Buffalo.


The Seahawks pounced on a 49er bunch that is deflated by the way their season has went of late. Seattle has their sites set on homefield advantage (thanks to GB) and now have a date with Arizona Sunday night.

Riley Cooper celebrates even though Eagles lost football against Dallas


Dallas deserves a lot of credit for battling adversity and making sure to not have another one of their classic collapses.  They coughed up a 21pt lead (the defense still stinks) but Romo was masterful and Dez dominated. If they can only bottle up their great road ways being undefeated to convert that at home they’d easily be a playoff team.


Both of these teams are awful so it is hard to gauge who will win in most cases. When there is a situation like these two teams, the better quarterback usually wins the game and this was a prime example. Cutler should be on his way out and the Bears need to clean house to restore order. Rob Ryan lives to see another game as his defense looked functional against the Bears but that’s not saying much.