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Brett Favre Trick-or-Treated Mike Holmgren’s House in the Mid-90’s [Video]

Brett Favre, Frank Winters, and Don Beebe headed to the house of the then-Packers coach Mike Holmgren in a failed attempt to score Halloween candy for themselves and their kids back in 1996 or 1997.

Nothing quite like Holmgren trying to awkwardly explain to a bunch of kids that he ran out of candy while Don Beebe sticks his head in the house to have a look around.


Joseph Randle: Cowboys RB Offered a Jail Booking Official $100 for a Massage [Video]

Joseph Randle was arrested earlier this month for shoplifting cologne and underwear from a department store. CBS Dallas obtained video of his booking, and it doesn’t appear as though the Cowboys running back took his detainment very seriously. “If I give you $100, can you give me a massage?” he asked a woman. “No,” she replied.

He called his agent to say he got “jammed up” and asked for an attorney to provide bond, and wonders if this will end up on the news. (Yup!) There’s no context provided for how it came up, but Randle also brings up Josh Brent: “He’s still in the locker room.”



The passing game has evolved so much over the years in the NFL. This Sunday was the first time there was 4 quarterbacks who passed for 400+ yards on the same day. Same thing can be said for the versatility of the modern day running back as guys like LeVeon Bell, Andre Ellington, LeSean McCoy, and Arian Foster continue to show the true value of a guy who can run+catch. Many great players were showcased Sunday along with some great games to boot.  My week 8 thoughts…….


The Chargers simply couldn’t keep up with the Broncos.  It is extremely hard to keep up with a offense as prolific as the one Peyton runs. The Chargers would have had to be perfect…but they weren’t so of course they loss.


A complete meltdown on behalf of the Falcons. They were up 21 to 3 at the half and managed to go scoreless in the 2nd half. That loss clearly symbolizes the way there season is going. Meanwhile the Lions were without several key players but found a way to win.


A much needed win for the Seahawks and they got it in there typical blue collar way. Tough defense and timely scoring got the victory.  The Panthers defense showed flashes of last year but Cam has to be better for them to string wins together.


The Bengals got the win as most should have expected.  They were back in their comfy role of “nobody expects much of us” where they thrive most.  This AFC North battle is always tough but the Ravens shouldn’t have had this much trouble with Cincy.


It didn’t take much for the Dolphins to get this victory going against a terrible Jags team. Bortles has plenty promise but the rookie mistakes are killing him and the Jags right now. 

KC 34  RAMS 7

The Rams were riding high off their “Super Bowl” win from last week against Seattle. However, this Sunday the Rams quickly got brought back down to reality. They were beat in all three phases of the game as KC was just too much for the average talented Rams team. 


Jay Cutler obviously lacks major leadership skills to guide a team to the Super Bowl. He has all the weapons a qb can need but the Bears still are middle of the pack offensively. Also, it needs to be noted that the Bears defense is historically bad for their franchise. This may be the worst defense the Bears ever put on the field. They have key injuries though so to some extent you have to expect that.  The offense has no excuses. Brady is killing everthing moving and Gronk’s health might be the biggest reason.


Kyle Orton is showing just how well the Bills can function with a capable quarterback.  EJ Manuel was clearly holding them back.  One could say the same about the Jets QB play but then again they are a mess for several reason. Geno had 3 picks in the first quarter and this game was over from the start.


Both of these teams are heading nowhere but the Vikings look to have more promise. Lovie Smith continues to prove to everyone that he doesn’t like to score points as he owns another anemic offense.


Houston is a superior team to the Titans as Arian Foster ran circles around them all day to the tune of 3 TD’s. Ken Whisenhunt is knows as somewhat of a QB whisperer but nothing has seemed to pan out at that position. They started their third QB this season as Mettenberger got his turn. Same results. Loss.


Philly’s inefficiency in the redzone came back to haunt them this game as they had two turnovers when having an opportunity to score. The Cardinals are the real deal as they continue to play solid defense with 2nd stringers in key spots. Philly just ran into a better team.  Most teams can’t exploit the Eagles susect secondary but the Cards did when Palmer found rookie John Brown for the game winning bomb for a TD. Checkmate.


Too many mistakes for the Raiders, but then again that is what bad teams do.  The Raiders constantly find ways to lose.  Cleveland has a winning record after week 8 which is great but you have to wonder if they can compete with the big dogs moving forward.


Ok maybe the Steelers do want to have a good season. Two impressive wins in a row shows they aren’t going away quietly.  Big Ben threw for over 500 yards but the flood gates opened when Colts CB Vonte Davis (who has been possibly the best CB in the league this year) left the game with an injury. I’m sure the Colts defense would like a “do-over.”


Drew Brees and the Saints are back from the dead seemingly. It should be pointed out that they always play this way when they have games in the national tv primetime slots at home. It is away from home on a good ol Sunday morning they need to prove they can win. Rodgers was masterful as he has been in recent weeks but a hamstring tweak may have tok the wind out of their sails in this game.  


Washington P.R. Physically Breaks Up Colt McCoy Postgame Interview: “No Means No!”

Colt McCoy just played the game of his NFL life. Beating the Cowboys in Jerry’s World and also his home state of Texas, 20-17 in overtime. After a live spot with ESPN, another reporter wanted a word, but the street lights were on and McCoy had to get back to the locker room for supper. So Redskins’ PR physically stopped an interview and yelled, “No means no!” Apparently, that is Washington Senior Vice President in charge of public communications, Tony Wyllie. The reporter appears to be John Sutcliffe of ESPN Deportes.



Tony Romo Seriously Injured after Getting Knee in the Back, Taken To Locker Room [UPDATE: Returns to the Sidelines]


Tony Romo entered this year coming off back surgery. That back took a serious wrenching on this sack when he got a knee slammed into him. Then Romo was lying in a prone position, face up toward the giant Jerry World jumbotron. After several minutes, Romo got up and was helped to the locker room.

We’ll update with further injury news as it becomes available, for now, it is Brandon Weeden time in Dallas.

[UPDATE: Tony Romo has returned to the sidelines, as the Cowboys are tied 17-17 late in the 4th quarter. He has been seen pleading with the medical staff to come back into the game.

Romo returned to the game to try and lead Dallas to a 2-min game winning drive, but was stopped short. In obvious pain, the highly-criticised quarterback will try and lead the Cowboys to their 7th straight win in overtime.]