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Toronto Raptors’ Video Tribute to Vince Carter Brings Him to Tears

Since being traded by the Toronto Raptors during the 2004-05 season, Vince Carter hasn’t always received a warm welcome when he has returned to the Air Canada Centre.

Wednesday night was different.

The Raptors are celebrating their 20th anniversary, so they will be reflecting back on the past throughout the season. With Carter making his only scheduled appearance in Toronto for the year on Wednesday, the team played a touching tribute video to the Memphis Grizzlies guard.

As a way to show their appreciation for the greatest player in franchise history, Raptors fans gave him a standing ovation. The tribute meant enough to the 37-year-old that it made him quite emotional.


LeBron Gestures ‘That’s on Me’ After Costly Late Turnover Seals Spurs Win [Video]

Down two and pushing the ball up-court after Manu Ginobili missed a free throw, LeBron James dribbled the ball off his leg on the Cavs’ final possession tonight versus the Spurs. Immediately afterwards, he looked around at the home crowd and his teammates, making a motion that he was taking accountability for his mistake. While some debaters may use the opportunity to attack LeBron’s clutchness tomorrow, I thought this was a pretty gracious gesture.

The four-time NBA MVP  finished with only 15 points as San Antonio came away with a hotly contested 92-90 victory over the Cavaliers at Quicken Loans Arena on Wednesday.


Kevin Durant Yells at Dwight Howard From the Bench: “You’re a Pussy”

Kevin Durant won’t be back on the court for another month or so, but thats not stopping him from talking trash from the bench. And his first victim, non other than…. Dwight Howard, during the Rockets and Thunder game Sunday. The OKC superstar let the big man know what he thought about his manhood, as the two teams would get into a scuffle later in the game (video above).

KD isn’t the only NBA star who thinks Dwight is soft, Kobe let the former Laker know his thoughts a few weeks ago, luckily it was caught on video. Here’s to hoping someone was kind enough to capture video of Durant sweet-talking Dwight Howard. We will keep you posted.

If you care, the Rockets won, 69-65….. yes that is the correct score. Howard had just 12 points and nine rebounds in 40 minutes and missed nine of 13 free throws.



Joakim Noah: Everybody Needs to “Chill the Eff Out” About Derrick Rose

Joakim Noah gave an impassioned speech to a group of reporters after last nights Bulls-Raptors game in which Derrick Rose left with a tweaked hamstring. He tallied 20 points, four assists, five turnovers and three rebounds before exiting the game.

CBS Sports’ James Herbert transcribed:

It’s comments like these that make any questions about Derrick Rose’s leadership and purported softness look absurd. We’ll update with video of Noah’s comments as soon as it’s available.

Speaking with Rachel Nichols after the game, Rose said he was feeling good:

Grizzlies' Courtney Lee Makes Buzzer-Beater Layup to Beat Kings with .3 Left

Grizzlies’ Courtney Lee Makes Buzzer-Beater Layup to Beat Kings with .3 Left [Video]

The Sacramento Kings had this game won. Trailing the Memphis Grizzlies, 109-108, with six seconds left, the Kings’ DeMarcus Cousins hit two free throws. After Memphis’ Zach Randolph missed a seven-foot jumper, Ben McLemore came down with the rebound. The Grizzlies fouled McLemore, who had an opportunity to further secure the win. He missed both free throws, and Randolph grabbed the rebound. 

.3 seconds left.

No way it could be done. No chance the Grizzlies could score with that little time remaining, and a long inbounds pass coming. No way they could stage a 28-9 comeback run over the last eight minutes to win the game.

So much for that.

Final: Grizzlies 111, Kings 110.