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Kurt Busch Claims Ex-Girlfriend Is a Trained Assassin [UPDATE]

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch was investigated for domestic assault, for allegedly smashing his ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll’s head into a wall in September.

During a hearing about a protection order, Busch testified Driscoll, head of the Armed Forces Foundation, was “a trained assassin” who killed drug lords with “long-range sniper rifles and close combat tactics.” The description sounds like something out of a movie.

Once, he said, they were in El Paso, Texas, where Driscoll had left that night in camouflage and boots. She returned later to the hotel at which he was staying wearing a trench coat. Under it she was wearing an evening gown splattered with blood and other matter, Busch testified.

Among the claims Busch made about Driscoll on Tuesday was that she asserted a female character in the film Zero Dark Thirty was based on her and other similar people. Busch has also testified that Driscoll showed him pictures of dead bodies, among other stories that fed the notion she was a contract killer.

Busch acknowledged there are those who don’t believe him. “Everyone on the outside can tell me I’m crazy, but I lived it on the inside.”

He finished 12th in the NASCAR Sprint Cup standings this past season in his maiden year with Stewart-Haas Racing.

UPDATE: NASCAR driver Kurt Busch defended himself from allegations he slammed ex-girlfriend Patricia Driscoll’s head into a wall by portraying her as a trained assassin. This promotional video for her defense company, found by the Charlotte Observer, does portray her as a badass with weapons training. Still a long way from that to slipping off in the night to pop drug cartel members in an evening gown…



Jeff Gordon and Brad Keselowski Teams Brawl After Race, Gordon Gets Bloody Lip [Video]

NASCAR fighters brawled at the end of the Texas 500 Sunday at the Texas Motor Speedway, and though it’s unclear what touched off this melee, Jeff Gordon got the worst of it, as he walked away with a cut lip that was bloodied. It looked as if Kevin Harvick – who finished second in the race – pushed Brad Keselowski, and then mayhem erupted. Surely the combatants will have something to say about it shortly.

Jimmie Johnson won the race.

[UPDATE: Gordon apparently took exception to something that he perceived Keselowski did intentionally during the race. Fox Sports’ Tom Jensen described what happened between the two drivers on the track: “On the restart, Gordon chose the highline and had contact with Keselowski, which gave him a flat tire and sent him spinning.”

That led to a green-white-checkered finish, which helped Johnson secure the victory. Keselowski wound up finishing third in the race, whereas Gordon finished all the way back at No. 29.]


Tony Stewart Not Charged; Kevin Ward, Jr. Had Enough Marijuana in His System to Impair Judgment

Tony Stewart will not be indicted by an Ontario County (NY) grand jury in the death of Kevin Ward, Jr. Stewart’s vehicle struck Ward after Ward exited his own vehicle on the track and walked toward the middle of the race track at Canandaigua Motor Speedway on August 9, 2014.

The full statement from the Ontario County District Attorney can be seen here.

In addition, the D.A. said that Kevin Ward, Jr. was under the influence of marijuana at the time of his death, according to Jim Utter. It was enough to, in the words of the D.A., “impair judgment.”

The grand jury ultimately absolved Stewart, although the specifics of the case are likely to be debated by racing observers for many years to come.

With potential criminal charges no longer hanging over the three-time Sprint Cup champion’s head, he will now focus on finishing the 2014 season.


Tony Stewart Set to Race for First Time Since Incident with Kevin Ward Jr.

Veteran NASCAR star Tony Stewart will return to competition for his first race since he was involved in an accident that took the life of Kevin Ward Jr.

NASCAR on NBC had an official statement statement from Stewart-Haas Racing:

Meanwhile, the 43-year-old NASCAR superstar will move forward with his career and attempt to salvage his season.

Stewart, who has 48 career Cup wins in 542 starts, is one of the biggest stars in the garage. His peers have been protective of him as questions emerged in the aftermath of the crash, and it pained them that Stewart was grieving in private and had cut off communication with so many of them. He will talk to the media for the first time since the fatal crash on Friday.

Stewart will be behind the wheel for the Oral-B USA 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Sunday.