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Luke Donald Charged By Baboon During Golf Tournament in South Africa [Video]

Luke Donald is in South Africa playing the Nedbank Golf Challenge. Apparently, this course is home to baboons. One of which ran on the course towards Luke Donald as he stood over his ball. So now we can add baboons to the list of animals that inhabit golf courses around the world. What a delightful list: kangaroos, hornetssharks, fox and, of course, alligators.


Get An Extended First Look At Tiger Woods’ New Swing Under Coach Chris Como [Video]

We were spoiled for so many years by Tiger’s greatness that his inability to get back to winning majors has become frustrating. We’ve dealt with the “it’s a process” bs for long enough.Golf fans everywhere don’t give a rat’s ass about your process and progress. We want Tiger back. We need Tiger back. Hell, golf needs Tiger back.

Who knows, Tiger’s latest comeback might be the comeback we’ve been waiting for. His back is finally 100% again — or so he says — and his new swing coach, Chris Como, apparently knows a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to swinging the golf club pain free. Como can also swing a golf club while jumping off a diving platform better than anyone you’ve ever seen. That shit has to count for something, right? I’m guessing two to three strokes off Tiger’s stroke average.

Here’s a look at Tiger’s “new” swing. It’s balanced, powerful and most of all buttery.


Golfer makes the Greatest 3-Foot Putt in the History of Golf [Video]

You wouldn’t think a three-foot golf putt would be a very interesting? Think again!

The putt below comes from the ninth hole in Elie, Scotland, and our shooters named is Greg. Besides that, we don’t know too much, but this might be the greatest birdie putt of all time.

Greg decided to go, in his own words, “the scenic route,” and instead of aiming directly for the hole, went up a large bank beside the green and back down straight into the hole.

Luckily his mate was filming it, and what might have become a barely believable folktale told at the 19th hole is instead a moment that lives forever.

[YouTube: Golfing Links Organisation, h/t BleacherReport]