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Jamie Donaldson Tells Reporter “I’m still drunk” During Interview the Morning After the Ryder Cup [Video]

Jamie Donaldson clinched the Ryder Cup for Europe with a tremendous wedge shot from 140+ yards on Sunday. (Video below) On Monday morning, Donaldson did an interview with Sky Sports. When asked if the Ryder Cup-clinching shot had sunk in yet, Donaldson answered truthfully, “No, ’cause I’m still drunk.”


Patrick Reed Shushed the Ryder Cup Crowd Following a Birdie Putt [Video]

Patrick Reed drained a birdie putt on the 7th hole of his Ryder Cup matchup with Henrik Stenson today and then he tired to fire up his team or anger the Scottish crowd, either or, by making a “shush” gesture. Reed apparently had been heckled for his putting on the first tee earlier in the day.

Reed then proceeded to pump his fist and yell “Come on!” on his way to the next tee, which caused Jack Nicklaus to ask on Sky Sports, “What in the world is he doing? He’s going to incite a riot.”

Stenson finished Saturday one up over Reed.


Golfer Snaps Nearly All of His Golf Clubs in a Fit of RAGE Following Terrible Round [Video]

We’ve all been there… You know that feeling you get following an awful round of golf. That feeling like you could just break something. Well, one golfer let his emotions get the best of him as he took out his frustrations on his equipment.

The gentleman spared no expenses during the fit, snapping his clubs, slamming his bag to the ground repeatedly and ripping off his bag tags. Though the golfer may not have been feeling like sunshine and rainbows at the time, the audience clearly enjoyed reveling in his fury.

[h/t Golf Digest]


Billy Horschel Wins 2014 Tour Championship, Does Gator Chomp Celebration for Booing Georgia Fans [Video]

Billy Horschel Gator Chomp after winning Tour Championship

Billy Horschel is your 2014 TOUR champion. Horschel won the tournament in Atlanta, Georgia and was met with a mix of cheers and boos – presumably from fans of other SEC schools. Horschel, who attended Florida, broke out a celebratory Gator Chomp. This is the opposite of Jonathan Papelbon saluting Phillies’ fans.


Rory McIlroy’s Tee Shot Lands in Spectator’s Pocket at Tour Championship [Video]

Rory McIlroy driver into spectators pocket at the Tour Championship

Rory McIlroy found himself in an odd spot during the second round of the 2014 Tour Championship Friday morning.

His tee shot on the 14th hole somehow found its way into one spectator’s pocket.

Because he is the worlds best golfer, Rory was still able to smile and save par on the hole. He is currently tied for 5th at -1 and is 2 behind leader Jason Day at -3.