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SALUTE to everyone that has made it to championship week! Unfortunately I’m not part of that crowd, but nonetheless I am here for you guys. Fantasy Football can be such a tricky game because even when you think you have it figured out….You really don’t (Sorry Rodgers and Peyton owners). This is the holiday season and I want to spread joy and positivity so with that being said I will only address the “Good” guys/plays for each game. Obviously if you have a gut feeling about someone then by all means play them because you can always lean on your own thoughts. Championship games are typically won by good matchups so keep that in mind when setting your lineups.  Everyone I mention is either a stud or a good play in a matchup situation. Good luck to everyone getting that much coveted RING!!


Good Plays: The Jags defense is a solid defensive streamer against a Titans offense lacking weapons everywhere. Marquis Lee and Cecil Shorts are decent WR3 hail mary options versus a bad Titans secondary, but Thursday Night football is always awful.


Good Plays: Of course Maclin is the best play in this game because Washington cannot defend the pass. Sanchez could be a good QB streaming options against that bad defense and it is also a must win for Philly so they will be focused. Shady is risky based on his inconsistent season but if you have him you are certainly playing him. I don’t trust any Redskins in this game but DeSean Jackson against his former team is definitely worth the gamble.


Good Plays: Not many solid options in this game, but Anquan Boldin is an intriguing play. He is Colin’s go-to receiver and the Chargers are vulnerable against the pass.  Rivers is a risky play and now with Keenan injured it makes it even riskier. Gates may produce based on sheer volume so his floor is slightly safe.


Good Plays: If Cam Newton is active, this could be a good option. He will be facing a Browns defense that won’t have Joe Haden which also make Kelvin Benjamin a good option ad well.  Josh Gordon is worth the play based on upside, especially against the Panthers terrible secondary. However, he hasn’t exactly set the world on fire but his upside is massive.


Good Plays: The most obvious play in this game is Megatron. It is also worth playing Joique Bell but don’t expect fireworks. Matt Forte and Alshonn Jefferey are likely in most lineups but their value drops a little with Clausen at QB against the ferocious Lions D.


Good Plays: The best option in this game might be the Ravens defense against Houston QB Case Keenum. Justin Forsett, Torrey Smith, and Steve Smith are solid options. Arian Foster and DeAndre Hopkins are decent plays but the QB play diminishes their value a tad.


Good Plays: The only decent options I like in this game are the defenses. Both are playing quality football but also playing against suspect offenses. Mike Wallace and Jarvis Landry are decent options offensively based on opportunity.


Good Plays: This should be a shootout as both defenses are horrible so most options are in play. Obviously if Julio is active then you play him but Roddy is a viable option as well. If you are in a pinch Steven Jackson is a risky upside option based on the Saints inability ways on defense. Fire up Brees, Ingram, Graham, Colston, and even Stills if needed.


Good Plays: I wouldn’t feel good about playing anything from the Jets, but all Patriots skill position players are solid options. Vereen and Blount are decent flex plays.


Good Plays: Only Jamaal Charles from the Chiefs should be played in this game. Big Ben, LeVeon Bell, and Antonio Brown are great options in this game as a few of these guys may have gotten you to the championship.


Good Plays: Well we know all the Packers are great options in this game against a Bucs team that is reeling to say the least. Rodgers will have all day to throw with Bucs stud Gerald McCoy out.  he Bucs have no real options but Mike Evans is the most viable as the main cog in the Bucs offense.


Good Plays: Odell Beckham has elevated to legit stud status so we will all say he should be played. Andre Williams is a decent option as well while Rashad Jennings looks to be out this game. The only Rams player that is worth mentioning is Tre Mason as the ground game may be huge versus a porous Giants run defense.


Good Plays: Most of the players in this game have likely gotten you to the big game so keep the good times rolling. Romo, Demarco (if active) and Dez should be played. Luck and Hilton are elite options and Boom Herron is a decent flex play. If Demarco sits then Joseph Randle is a solid option as he has shown some juice running behind that stout Dallas O-Line. Plus the Colts are terrible versus the run.


Good Play: The only two things worth a mention in this game is Buffalo’s elite defense that has shutdown Peyton and Aaron the last two weeks. Also Sammy Watkins who has the potential for a few big plays.


Good Plays: This low scoring game only has two solid options to play and that is Russell Wilson+Marshawn Lynch. Arizona can’t score whatsoever.


Good Plays: All Broncos are active in that prolific offense and most are on title contending teams I’m sure. The Bengals have a couple of good options as AJ Green is elite and Jeremy Hill has been a borderline RB1 down the stretch.

Well Ladies and Gents it has been a fun year with plenty action, I hope some of what I’ve had to say has been useful to you all. I really appreciate your support and love throughout the year and even following me. This is my last fantasy piece of the year, but I may have an awards article coming soon based on the performers this year. I wish everyone a ton of luck in the title game and have a wonderful holiday season!


Lawrence Brooks @LBSaidIt




Most of the people still playing fantasy football are playoff contenders so congrats to everyone. At this point you are playing most of the obvious guys who got you here. Matchups win your games at this point just as much as having studs so keep that in mind. So here are the guys guys that should ball or fall this week……


  • The Cardinals really need a win to stay afloat in the playoff hunt.  My BOOM player for this game is Jared Cook. He is very inconsistent but the Cardinals are terrible against TE’s.
  • My BUST player for this game is Drew Stanton. Drew hasn’t played well of late and now he faces off against a red hot Rams defense off back to back shut outs.


  • The Falcons should be happy to be back home and out of the frigid Green Bay weather. My BOOM player for this game is Matt Ryan. Matt has been great throwing the football lately as the offensive line has gotten in sync, now he gets a Pitt defense giving up gobs of points (see Andy Dalton last week).
  • My BUST player for this game is Martavis Bryant. He is highly unpredictable in an offense that relies heavily on 2 other guys and those 2 guys may have huge days (Bell/Brown).


  • Ravens should have a fairly easy Sunday. My BOOM player for this game is Justin Forsett. Forsett should have ample opportunity in a game that should get out of hand pretty early and lead to conservative play calling.
  • My BUST player for this game is Jags run game. Denard Robinson is out but whoever gets the majority of the carries won’t be successful versus the Ravens run defense.


  • It will be interesting to see if Rodgers can stay hot on the road in that hostile Buffalo environment. My BOOM player for this game is Eddie Lacy. The Bills don’t allow big rushing days but as a dual threat on the road Lacy will be productive. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Kyle Orton. Orton won’t stink completely but don’t expect him to repeat what Matt Ryan did last week.


  • Both of these teams are ready for vacation. My BOOM player for this game is Kelvin Benjamin. He will be highly targeted against a team that hasn’t stopped much through the air this year.
  • My BUST player for this game is Doug Martin. Martin won’t have much success running the ball against a decent Panthers defense especially being at home.


  • All eyes will be on Johnny but i’m sure the Bengals want revenge from that awful TNF game. My BOOM player for this game is Jeremy Hill.  Hill will start and get majority snaps which lends itself to a nice day agaonst that vulnerable Browns defense.  
  • My BUST player for this game is Johnny Manziel.  Johnny has played 12 snaps all year and now he gets a playoff hungry Bengals team at home. He will make aome plays but not enough worth starting on your team.


  • The Colts have to watch out for a letdown game after a resilient road win last week. My BOOM player for this game is TY Hilton.  Hilton loves to play the Texans as he torches them constantly and last game had over 200 yds and 2 TDs.
  • My BUST player for this game is DeAndre Hopkins.  Hopkins will be the top target with Andre Johnson out but a date with Vontae Davis won’t be fun for him.


  • The Chiefs are surely licking their chops for revenge after that loss in Oakland. My BOOM player for this game is Jamaal Charles. He is a little banged up but he will be ready to make the Raiders pay for that woeful loss.
  • My BUST player for this game is Derek Carr. Chiefs defense is going to make his day miserable at ArrowHead Stadium.


  • Brady always has a tough time with Miami so this should be a good test. My BOOM player for this game is Rob Gronkowski. The Dolphins will slow the run down but none of their LBs/CBs are prepared to stop Gronk.
  • My BUST player for this game is Mike Wallace. He will have to deal with Revis so don’t expect much.


  • This NFC East matchup is always entertaining regardless of the circumstances. My BOOM player for this game is Odell Beckham Jr.  ODJ has been fantastic as the #1 option and the Redskins have zero cb’s that can check him.
  • My BUST player for this game is Alfred Morris. Morris hasn’t been as effective with McCoy at QB which will also be the case this upcoming Sunday.


  • This is the worst opponent for the Chargers to have in a “must-win” situation. My BOOM player for this game is Emmanuel Sanders.  Flowers will be occupied with DT so that leaves Shareece Wright to cover Sanders *gulp*…
  • My BUST player for this game is Ryan Mathews. Mathews will likely be playing at less than 100% which isn’t good versus this Broncos run defense + inconsistent run game.


  • This game is just gross and I hope nobody is relying on players in this game.  If you have 1 to use then i recommend Chris Ivory against the Titans poor run defense.


  • This game will be tougher than it appears as the Vikings have been steady with Zimmer as coach. My BOOM player for this game is Calvin Johnson. Megatron has clearly found his stride after the injury and should keep it going as a matchup proof elite option.  
  • My BUST player in this game is Teddy Bridgewater.  Lions defense will be hounding him all day and limited options doesn’t help either.


  • The 49ers are walking wounded and now they get a laser focused Seahawks bunch at Century Link. My BOOM player for this game is Russell Wilson. He has been dynamic with his passing and running ability all year and this game will be no different.  The Seahawks need him in order to be successful. 
  • My BUST player is Colin Kaepernick.  Unless he runs I don’t see how he can have success passing against the LOB crew, especially given how bad he has looked throwing the ball.


  • Well rest won’t be an issue for Dallas this time as they have had 10 days off so we shall see. My BOOM player for this game is Tony Romo.  Romo will be much more ready/focused to take advantage of that Eagles vulnerable secondary that dares you to throw.
  • My BUST player for this game is DeMarco Murray. I think he scores, but he will be under 100yds again against that Eagles defensive front. It won’t be a bad day but not the day he had versus the Bears.  Many will play well in this shootout.


  • So sad that these teams are on primetime but atleast both offenses can score (unlike Jets/Miami). My BOOM player in this game is Matt Forte. Forte wilm be a huge part of the gameplan both passing and rushing with Brandon Marshall out.  He should feast on that Saints sad defense.
  • My BUST player is Marques Colston. More so to the fact he has been inconsistent and can’t be trusted.

Goodluck to you all this week and make sure to play your studs!!




Congrats to everyone that made the playoffs and have meaningful games this week. There are many decisions to be made but always remember to trust your gut and play the guys that got you here.  Play your studs and resist the urge to play long shots. You can live with the fact that your studs underperform, but if a longshot falls short you just feel horrible.  Goodluck to you all this week…..


  • If the Cowboys really believe they can make the playoffs then they need this win. My BOOM player for this game is DeMarco Murray. Murray should be able to have success with the Dallas o-line being far superior to the Bears d-line.  
  • My BUST player in this game is Jay Cutler. Cutler is highly inconsistent yet capable of having a good game, so it just depends on your level of trust. Plus it is TNF where players are notorious for not playing their best.


  • Neither of these teams can be counted on but someone has to win I guess. My BOOM player for this game is LeVeon Bell. Bell plays over 90% of the time and Cincy’s defense has not been great versus the run.  Bell is an elite option.
  • My BUST player is Andy Dalton. Dalton has had plenty clunkers against the Steelers and he is even worse against the blitz which Pitt does 41% of the time.


  • If Hoyer can’t keep up with Luck then we might see some Manziel time. My BOOM player for this game is Andrew Luck.  Luck is an elite option with a bevy of weapons at his disposal and the Browns secondary is suspect.
  • My BUST player for this game is Trent Richardson. Trent sees this as a revenge game but he needs to understand he isn’t even a starter anymore which speaks volumes to his production.


  • This could be a trap game for the Lions if they don’t take the Bucs seriously. My BOOM player for this game is Calvin Johnson. CJ should feast on whoever the Bucs put on him because none of them can even attempt to guard him with the collection of no name CB’s.
  • My BUST player for this game is Doug Martin. Martin had a decent game last week but now he gets the elite run defense of Detroit which won’t end well for him.


  • The Texans should win but I doubt Fitzpatrick throws 6 TD’s again. My BOOM player for this game is Arian Foster. He is the most reliable player on the field for both of these teams and happens to be an elite matchup proof option.  
  • My BUST player for this game is Denard Robinson. “Shoe Lace” seems to be hitting a wall and now teams have more film on here which has slowed him down.  Now he gets JJ Watt and company comong to town.


  • The Ravens are fighting for a playoff spot but lose Haloti Ngata for the year which could be huge. My BOOM player for this game is Jarvis Landry. He leads the Dolphins in targets now and the Ravens have been horrible against the pass lately. Even Eddie Royal burned them last week.
  • My BUST player for this game is Lamar Miller. The Ravens are much better versus the run and the Dolphins are inconsistent in the run game so Miller will be iffy.


  • Well, I guess the Jets can go nowhere but up from here. My BOOM player for this game is Teddy Bridgewater. There wont be many points in this game but Teddy should find some success against this porous pass defense (also look out for Chris Ivory as he will be running against the 27th ranked Vikes run D).  
  • My BUST player is Eric Decker. The passing game is pathetic so Decker won’t find much success.


  • The Panthers season couldn’t get any worse as they now get a red hot Drew Brees. My BOOM player for this game is Drew Brees. Brees seems to have fpund his groove at the right time and now he gets the Panthers lousy pass defense.  
  • My BUST player for this game is Jonathan Stewart. He won’t be awful but even with the majority carries I dont think he does much behind that bad o-line.


  • Both of these teams season is over. My BOOM player in this game is Odell Beckham Jr. ODB is leading the league in catches since his return and the Titans have been vulnerable to the pass. This rookie is electric and the passing game flows through him.
  • My BUST player for this game is Zach Mettenberger. He should play this week but he is banged up and has a banged up WR core.


  • If the Rams played this well earlier they could possibly be in playoff contention. My BOOM player for this game is Colt McCoy. McCoy will be under duress all day but he will be able to find his weapons much like he did last week versus that suspect Rams secondary.
  • My BUST player will be Tee Mason. The Redskins are food against the run and the Rams dont consistently run the ball well, plus the Redskins have a terrible playing field for runners.


  • If the Cardinals lose this game they could be in serious trouble of winning the NFC West.  My BOOM player for this game is John Brown. It isn’t the best matchup but Michael Floyd will be facing the top corner so Brown should have a couple opportunities. However, this game won’t have many attractive options.
  • My BUST player will be Jamaal Charles. Sure you have to play him but the Cards are dominant versus the run.


  • It will be interesting to see if the Broncos can establish the run against the Bills. My BOOM player for this game is Peyton Manning.  Manning will have to make some plays with his arm based on the fact that Buffalo won’t allow them to run as smooth as the last few weeks.
  •  My BUST player for this game is Fred Jackson. Jackson has been largely ineffective since returning from injury and I don’t think he gets going this week either.


  • The 49ers should cruise to victory. My BOOM player in this game is Colin Kaepernick. I know he hasn’t played well at all lately but if not the Raiders then when?  
  • My BUST player for this game is Darren McFadden. His carries are being divided between 3 guys and Frisco doesn’t allow good rushing games.


  • This is a huge game for both teams to see where they truly are heading forward. My BOOM player for this game is Russ Wilson. Wilson should be able to make plays against the Eagles who have allowed top 10 finsihes to 8 qb’s this season, plus he runs which helps his value.
  • My BUST player for this game is Mark Sanchez. He won’t be a complete disaster but now that the Seahawks secondary is healthy they are primed for shutdown.


  • The Chargers will need this win to keep pace in the playoff race. My BOOM player for this game is Tom Brady.  The Chargers only have two viable players in the secondary which isn’t a good thing facing Brady.
  • My BUST player for this game is Keenan Allen.  Two word “Revis Island.”


  • This should be yet another Monday Night massacre. My BOOM player for this game is Aaron Rodgers.  He is at home, on primetime and playing a bad defense.
  • My BUST player is Steven Jackson. I expect the Falcons to be down quickly which will make the running game virtually non-existent.

Goodluck to you all in the opening week of the playoffs and trust what got you here!




 Happy Thanksgiving to all our SportsCast fans and my column readers. I just want to take a minute to say thank you for all the support and kind words from you all. It truly means a lot to me that you guys even care to read what I write or listen to me on the show. There is so much chaos in this world today so be sure to hold your loved ones tight, cherish the good times, and tell them that you love them.  On a lighter note, Football is a main staple on this holiday so it’s only right that we figure out the studs and duds for the week. Plus we finally have no more bye weeks!…


I’m not sure why the Lions continue to make appearances on this holiday but that’s just me. My BOOM player for this game is Calvin Johnson. The media has questioned whether Megatron has lost a step or not which means he will be ready on Turkey Day. The Bears secondary have no answer for him and I think he proves it to the world. My BUST player is Jay Cutler. Cutler never plays well against the Lions but add the fact that the Lions actually have a top 3 defense this season.


There is always a certain type of electricity in the air when the Cowboys are on primetime, but also when they play the Eagles. My BOOM player for this game is Tony Romo. Romo will have plenty opportunity versus the Eagles iffy secondary as they try to stop the Cowboys run game. My BUST player for this game is LeSean McCoy. Shady won’t be awful but he won’t have the huge day he did last week as the Cowboys are better against the run.


This is a huge game for these 2 NFC West foes that will certainly tilt the playoff push in one of these teams favor. My BOOM player for this game is Russell Wilson. Wilson will be the reason the Seahawks win this game if they plan to be victorious and as a dual threat he will be ready. My BUST player for this game is Frank Gore. Gore doesn’t get the same volume of work as his past years and now they play his backup on the goal line. The Seahawks are also pretty good versus the run which hurts Gore.


The Chargers need a win if they want to keep their playoff hopes alive but the Ravens won’t give it to them easily. My BOOM player for this game is Torrey Smith. The Chargers aren’t great against the pass and really only has one good corner. I assume their top corner B.Flowers will be on Steve Smith which leaves Torrey open for a big day. My BUST player for this game is Ryan Matthews. Matthews won’t have much room to run against that stout front featuring Haloti Ngata.


The Browns have to prove they can string together a few wins and Buffalo will be a big test. My BOOM player for this game is Josh Gordon. Gordon was targeted 16 times last week and I expect that trend to continue. He is a stud and with that type of volume it will be tough to stop him. My BUST player for this game is Fred Jackson. Fred is an older back who looks to be slowing down due to the injuries taking their toll. The Browns aren’t great against the run but I don’t think it will take much against the Bills.


The AFC South matchups are always very lackluster and this is no exception. MY BOOM player for this game is Arian Foster. Foster should be healthy and ready to roll in this game which means he will have a similar day to LeSean McCoy last week. The Titans can’t stop the run. My BUST player in this game is Andre Johnson. Andre seems to be the #2 option in this passing game at this point and add the fact that Ryan Fitzpatrick is back at QB.


The Redskins are in total disarray and now they get the high powered Colts on deck. My BOOM player for this game is Andrew Luck. Luck had a rather pedestrian day last week but going up against the Redskins porous secondary should be a treat. My BUST player for this game is Colt McCoy. McCoy has been names the starter but it won’t be a good day for him versus the Colts pass defense.


This game doesn’t mean much to anyone aside from fans of these teams and fantasy owners of players from these teams. My BOOM player for this game is Eli Manning. Manning is finding a groove with this passing game as rookie Odell Beckham continues to emerge. Plus the Jags are bad in the secondary. My BUST player for this game is Blake Bortles. Hopefully nobody has to play this rookie because the troubles will continue.


As bad as this season has been for the Panthers they are still in the hunt for the NFC South title. My BOOM player for this game is Greg Olson. While all the attention will be on stopping Kelvin Benjamin, I think Olson should have a productive day. My BUST player for this game is Jerick McKinnon. The Panthers have been much better versus the run of late and the Vikings haven’t been running the ball effectively of late.


The Saints will try to stop the bleeding on this 3 game losing skid but now they will have to win a road game (outdoors). My BOOM player for this game is Big Ben. The Saints have been awful defensively so I expect Ben to have his way with them. My BUST player for this game is Marques Colston. Colston has been very inconsistent this season and with Ike Taylor returning this week on defense for the Steelers, I expect him to slow Colston down a bit. His day won’t be bad but it’s no guarantee he plays well.


Well this game surely won’t have people running to the television this Sunday. My BOOM player for this game is Tre Mason. He has run well, but the Raiders are also awful on defense. My BUST player is Darren McFadden. DMC has been below average all year and now it seems that Latavius Murray has taken his spot.


The Bengals should cruise to victory against the Bucs but then again this is the Bengals we are talking about here. My BOOM player for this game is Jeremy Hill. Hill is simply a better all around runner for the Bengals and the Bucs haven’t stopped the run all year. My BUST player for this game is Doug Martin. Martin has regained the starting job but that doesn’t mean the results will change.


If the Falcons can find a way to beat the Cardinals it will be nothing short of a miracle. My BOOM player for this game is Andre Ellington. The Cards haven’t run the ball effectively for weeks but playing the Falcons should solve that problem quickly. My BUST player for this game is Julio Jones. He will get a healthy diet of targets but facing off with Patrick Peterson and knowing Matt Ryan won’t have much time to pass will make it tough. He should be okay but not fantastic.


This will be the biggest game of the weekend as two of the NFL’s elite qb’s square off. Plenty of BOOMS in this game but I think Eddie Lacy will be a huge factor. The Patriots are vulnerable against the run and Lacy has been on fire lately scoring multiple td’s in the last few games. My BUST player for this game is Jordy Nelson. Jordy should have decent day but Belichick will be sure to gameplan for him and Revis will see him plenty.


This will be a huge test for both teams as the Broncos go into an extremely hostile environment. My BOOM player for this game is Peyton Manning. Even when Peyton is held in check for a majority of the game, he still finds a way to give you 3td’s and about 300yds. He might not have the greatest “real life” game but we only care for the fantasy stats. My BUST player for this game will be Wes Welker. Welker has been practically non-existent and even with Julius Thomas still hobbled I don’t expect him to make much difference.


This game should have been flexed out of the Monday night slot and put the Packers/patriots game there but I digress. My BOOM player for this game is Ryan Tannehill. Tannehill has been lights out for this offense and the Jets have just seemed to have turned the lights out entirely. My BUST player for this game is Percy Harvin. Harvin has managed to stay health which is good but the Jets pathetic offense has left much to be desired. The Dolphins have also been tremendous defensively so that doesn’t help Percy’s case either.



 Welp, I guess it’s a good thing that Peyton Manning decided to spit out that dud before the playoffs started. The downside is probably many fantasy owners were banking on him Sunday and possibly got them eliminated. That is the harsh reality to the game is that even the biggest stars can let you down. Then there’s Jonas Gray, the unknown running back that the Patriots used to single handedly steamroll the Colts to the tune of 200yrd and 4tds (I’m sure everyone could have used that). However, not many people were starting him and that is a perfect illustration to the unpredictablity of fantasy football.  Week 12 shall we………


  • The only people watching this game will be Chiefs and Raiders fans (plus the crazed fantasy owners who have players playing). My BOOM player for this game is Jamaal Charles. I say if the Seahawks couldn’t stop him then how much faith can the Raiders defense really have? 
  • My BUST player in this game is James Jones.  Jones is not really a #1wr and his numbers support that in this anemic Raiders pass game.


  • The Falcons are actually in the playoff hunt so high intensity is expected, as well as the much anticipated return of All-Pro wideout Josh Gordon. My BOOM player for this game is Matt Ryan. Ryan will be rejuvenated at home playing for their playoff lives, plus he tends to play well in the Georgia Dome. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Steven Jackson. The run game is in the dumps for the Falcons as they are one of the most pass heavy teams in the league. 


  • This game should be the snow bowl as the Buffalo area has gotten 7ft of snow! My BOOM player for this game is Fred Jackson. The run game will be pivotal in a game like this with adverse weather conditions which suits such a tough runner like F-Jax. 
  • My BUST player for this game will Mike Vick. Vick might actually get loose a bit in this snow with his running ability but neither qb will have big passing stats. Typically snow games amount to huge fantsy number for people that can run based on prior years. 


  • A revenge game of some sorts for coach Lovie Smith and qb Josh McCown of the Bucs. My BOOM player for this game is Jay Cutler.  Cutler got on track last week and seem to have a connection with his receivers and I think that continues against a team that has one of the worst pass defenses in the league. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Bucs run game. Until someone takes that role by the horns it will forever be a bust play.


  • Both teams need a win to continue their playoff hopes but each team needs good QB play. My BOOM player for this game is Arian Foster. He is “matchup-proof” and needs to be in your lineup if he plays as expected. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Giovanni Bernard. Gio won’t be bad but keep in mind that he isn’t neccesarily the bellcow for the Bengals anymore with the emergence of Jeremy Hill. His touches will be reduced which lowers his value.


  • The Colts coming off a terrible home loss will e looking forward to this cushy matchup. My BOOM player for this game is TY Hilton (and Andrew Luck of course). Hilton won’t be looking at Revis when he lines up this week against a Jags secondary that gives up fantasy points to receivers in bunches. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Blake Bortles. As a rookie playing against a seasoned Colts defense that is upset won’t be a good recipe come Sunday.


  • The Packers have been scoring points like a college basketball team lately and this Sunday may be no different. My BOOM player for this game is Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers and this offense simply cannot be stopped but also look for Eddie Lacy to keep it rolling against this Vikings team. They had no answer for him last time as he went for over 100yds and 2 scores. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Teddy Bridgewater. Teddy still has some growing to do and the talented Packers secondary will make it tough for him all day.


  • The Lions having Matt Stafford are 0-15 in away games against opponents with winning records and here comes the Patriots. My BOOM player in the game is Tom Brady. Brady gets even better as the weather gets colder and although the Lions are have stout defense Brady will find the weakness (courtesy of Bill Belicick). 
  • My BUST player for this game is Matt Stafford. Belichick made it tough on Andrew Luck in his own house so surely he will force Stafford to somewhat play left handed (figuratively speaking) at Foxborough.


  • The Eagles should be furious after that flat performance in Green Bay so I actually feel sorry for the Titans coming into Philly. My BOOM player for this game is LeSean McCoy. I have no reason to believe he will great this Sunday other than the fact he is due. Media has been questioning his skills and it seems they want to lean on him more with that O-Line at it’s healthiest. Plus the Titans can’t stop the run. 
  • My BUST player in this game is Bishop Sankey.  The Titans can’t consistently move the ball and the Eagles do well at stopping the run so Sankey’s day will be held in check.


  • The Rams seem to be having a late year surge and the Chargers seem to be regressing. My BOOM player for this game is Tre Mason. The tough run defenses haven’t slowed him down much and he looks to keep gaining steam on the lead back job.
  •  My BUST player for this game is Keenan Allen.  Allen is highly tagerted but his routes are fairly conservative and safe which basically makes him a possession receiver. That isn’t the type of receiver fantasy owners want to use every week.


  • This will be a low scoring battle in the Pacific Northwest this weekend.  My BOOM player for this game is Russell Wilson.  Russ’s constant threat as a runner makes him lethal regardless of the matchup, especially considering the Cards have an elite pass defense. 
  • My BUST player for this game will be Larry Fitzgerald.  Fitz has been pretty productive the last few weeks but with a MCL Sprain and playing against the Seahawks secondary I expect his day to be quiet.


  • The Broncos are walking wounded right now which is a perfect time for the Dolphins to see them. My BOOM player for this game is Peyton Manning. Manning will be relied upon to pull out this victory as I expect the run game to sputter versus the Dolphins defensive front. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Lamar Miller. Tre Mason ran well against the Broncos tough run defense last week, but I don’t expect the same from Miller in Denver.


  • The Redskins are heading nowhere fast with all the internal turmoil and Frisco loves to feast on bad teams. My BOOM player for this game is Colin Kaepernick. I think Kaepernick should have a fairly easy time finding open receiver against this weak Redskins pass defense.
  • My BUST player for this game is Alfred Morris. Morris won’t find too many open lanes against this tough San Fran defense that seems to be gelling over the past few weeks.


  • This divisional matchup is always great theater and it will be no different come Sunday night. My BOOM player for this game is DeMarco Murray. Murray said he has fresh legs and ready to go which is great being that he faces the Giants porous run defense. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Reuben Randle. As a possession receiver who doesn’t get much opportunity down field it is hard to be excited about him in your lineup.


  • If the Saints lose their 3rd home game in a row I believe their season is over. My BOOM player for this game is Drew Brees. Brees is the ultimate primetime football guy who loves the bright lights at home. Plus he is playing a middle of the pack pass defense. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Steve Smith. Smith has been very quiet over the last month as Torrey Smith has emerged back into the best option in the passing game.  He will also be facing off against Keenan Lewis which should slow him down a bit. All this means is that he will probably go off as Monday night always gives everyone a little extra juice.




I know many of you are fighting for your fantasy playoff lives by either being 1 foot in or 1 foot out of the playoffs. These last 3 weeks will be crucial in terms of gaining a spot so keep believing even if your team doesn’t look promising. My fantasy season has sunk in our beloved (SportsCast) league due to my lack of productive RB’s and first season playing ppr (but that’s a whole other story). Quick story for you all though if you care to listen. I was down 75pts in my Barbershop league going into Monday night. I had Sanchez (yup you read that right, Shady, Eagles D, and Eagles kicker Cody Parkey. My opponent had Jeremy Maclin. Tall task here to say the least. Well, we all know the Eagles defense went bonkers and Sanchez had himself quite a night. So after 4 quarters of an emotional roller coaster I found myself tied up with my opponent after Cam’s last touchdown pass. Now because of the blowout they took out Sanchez and McCoy so I had no shot offensively to win. However, the defense got me one more sack to seal the victory! Biggest comeback ever as i came back form down 75 points! Moral of the story here my people…keep believing nd fighting for this season because you just never know…..


  • This is one of the least attractive games of the week but leverage in the AFC North is at stake. My BOOM player for this game is Mike Wallace. There won’t be a ton of fantasy appeal for this game but I think Mike has the best chance at a few big plays to help his value against a Bills secondary that can be suspect. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Lamar Miller. Miller won’t have much room to run against the Bills front and the loss of Brandon Albert on the O-Line will be huge.


  • There is still a chance to fight for the NFC South division crown for the Panthers so this home game is pivotal. My BOOM player for this game is Julio Jones. He is an elite option with an absurd usage rate.  Julio is highly targeted and ripe to feast on a bad Panthers secondary. 
  • My BUST player in this game is Steven Jackson. The Panthers are still solid against the run and capable of slowing down a guy that has already “slowed down.”


  • If the Bears can’t find a way to put up a fight against the Vikings then Trestman needs to go immediately. My BOOM player in this game is Brandon Marshall. This is just a gut call because he seems to be the heartbeat of this team and has too much pride to not comeback with pride. He is also an elite talent that can’t be contained by the Vikings secondary. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Cordarrelle Patterson.  Patterson has big play ability and could get free against a porous Bears defense. However, I think he raw route running ability leaves him and fantasy owners empty in most cases.


  • The Browns will have an excellent opportunity to tack on another win as the Texans will have qb Ryan Mallet making his first start at the “Dawg Pound.” My BOOM player for this game is Arian Foster.  That is under the assumption he is healthy enough to play with the tweaked groin. Foster has been almost as good as Demarco this season and falls in the “matchup proof” category especially facing a Browns defense that is vulnerable to the run. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Ben Tate. Ben’s touches are now uncertain with the three-headed platoon at rb for the Browns. This makes him a bad gamble going into this week.


  • The Seahawks are trying to stay afloat with the injuries to key players piling up, so a win here for them would be huge. My BOOM player in this game is Jamaal Charles. The Seahawks lost one of the top run stuffers in the NFL in Brandon Mebane for the year so that only helps Charles elite status. He was be used a ton to go along with that so I think he gets loose on the Seahawks defense. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Russell Wilson. Russ doesn’t have many weapons in the passing game and the Chiefs defend the pass well. The Chiefs can stuff the run too but this matchup basically comes down to Russ’s low ceiling. He won’t be awful but don’t expect big things in this road matchup where the Seahawks tend to struggle on some cases.


  • I have a hard time believing the Saints could lose 2 games in a row at home, especially when you got Andy Dalton coming to town. My BOOM player for this game is Mark Ingram (Drew Brees is obvious).  Ingram has been a bellcow for the Saints and is running like a guy wanting to get paid (well this is his contract year). The Bengals have fallen off the map in stopping the run so Ingram should be great at home. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Mohammed Sanu. Sanu just simply doesn’t get the same volume of looks he did prior to AJ Green being injured. That can also be added the the fact that Dalton has been very erratic as of late.


  • The 49ers have every reason to lose this game as they are coming off a overtime road win, and also traveling all the way back east for a 1pm game but I doubt they lose. My BOOM player for this game is Frank Gore. The Giants are pathetic versus the run and now here comes the 49ers who are looking to re-establish the run game with Frank. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Michael Crabtree.  Crabtree’s role as the #1 wr on this team has almost completely dissolved and now he is unhappy (but so are his fantasy owners).


  • The Rams are simply no match for the Broncos at all. My BOOM player for this week is ALL Broncos. The Rams defense can’t stop this juggernaut so feel free to start all the Denver guys including CJ Anderson at RB if he gets the nod (leave Welker out of this). 
  • My BUST player for this game is Tre Mason. Tre is going up against a Broncos defense that isn’t allowing anyone to run the football and it won’t start with the Rams either.


  • This game is an absolute snoozer but I guess someone has to win right? My BOOM player for this game is Alfred Morris. I know he is practically a one trick pony as the Redskins don’t use him in the passing downs but I think they get him going against this Bucs defense that is bad everywhere. 
  • My BUST player in this game is the Bucs run game. None of the RB’s can be trusted right now and none have been consistently effective up to this point as they are playing a plethora of guys.


  • The Chargers haven’t forgot about how the Raiders almost beat them last time and they also get some key guys back on defense so I think this game goes differently. My BOOM player for this game is Phillip Rivers. Rivers has had a rough past two weeks coming off a bye, at home against a hated rival will surely get home going again as the Raiders defense is bottoms in the league.
  • My BUST player for this game is James Jones. He has been the Raiders #1 receiver but that doesn’t say much these days.


  • Winning with QB Drew Stanton will be a tough task for the Cards so this should be interesting. My BOOM player for this game is Megatron. He is matchup proof and facing Patrick Peterson isn’t intimidating at all as he routinely gives up td’s to lesser guys. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Andre Ellington. The Lions stop the the run all day, everyday now add the fact that they have a backup qb doesn’t help either.


  • A game that has shootout all over it might not be what everyone is hoping as we have seen it happen in the past. My BOOM player for this game is Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers is hot and I mean like Ghost pepper hot. Plus he is playing at home where he has thrown for multiple td’s in a game for over 12 games now. I guess it doesn’t hurt that the Eagles are bottom 10 in the league at defending the pass. 
  • My BUST player for this game is LeSean McCoy. He won’t be terrible but he just hasn’t run with the same juice this year. The Packers present a great opportunity for him to get going but don’t hold your breath.  Everyone is playing him but don’t get too excited.


  • Two AFC powerhouses with MVP caliber QB’s so this one should be fun (and not another nationally televised blowout). My BOOM player for this game is Andrew Luck. Pep Hamilton has completely catered this offense to Andrew Luck and as a result he is on pass to break the passing yardage record so of course he plays terrific. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Julian Edelman. Edelman hasn’t been a huge part of the passing game with the emergence of LaFell so his usage isn’t what is used to be. He will be average but not great.


  • This might be one of the worst MNF matchups in a long time. My BOOM player for this game is Big Ben. He should have a bounce back game against this awful Titans defense. Also, Ben usually plays great in primetime games. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Justin Hunter.  Anything is possible on Monday Night football but the big receiver for Tennessee has been a disappointment this season. Rookie QB Mettenberger is trying to figure things out and so is the entire Titans offense.

Thanks for reading you guys and goodluck in week 11! Almost Playoff time!




This week the NFL doesn’t feature many intriguing matchups.  Nonetheless, it’s football Sunday so we will all be tuned in. The bloated bye week really puts a damper on the action around the league but the show must go on.  Here are my studs and duds for week 10……


  • A huge divisional matchup as the Browns are actually making some noise. My BOOM player in this game is Jeremy Hill. The Browns can’t defense the run, and Hill loves to run straight down hill (see what I did there). The Bengals will feature him heavily as he comes off a monster game last week.
  • My BUST player in this game is Ben Tate. The Browns use 3 RB’s and Tate is no longer the workhorse from early in the year.


  • The Ravens should will this game handedly as the Titans trot out rookie QB Zach Mettenberger. My BOOM player for this game is Torrey Smith. I think Torrey gets behind this Titans secondary a couple of times for big plays. He has actually been the better play at wr the last month for the Ravens but few people realize it. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Bishop Sankey. The Ravens don’t give up much on the ground and without a legit QB the Ravens will just crowd the line of scrimmage to force passes.


  • Both of these teams look like playoff contenders in the AFC so it will be a big test for these guys. My BOOM player for this game is Kyle Orton. Orton has been cooking lately and a home game with an emerging Sammy Watkins should keep things rolling. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Alex Smith. Smith will have a rough day against that stout Bills front seven.


  • Two of the better defenses will square off in this game which I believe puts a damper on the potential point being scored. My BOOM player for this game is Calvin Johnson. Megatron is close to 100% healthy whch means he is virtually matchup proof. The passing game may sputter but his high volume usage to go along with his tremendous talent should prevail. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Lamar Miller. Miller won’t have much room to run against the league’s #1 run defense.


  • The big question for this game is “will Romo play” and “can they win with Weeden. I guess that is two questions… My BOOM player for this game is DeMarco Murray. Murray will have a much better day against the Jags as he gets two of his offensive linemen back for this game.  They will rely on him a ton regardless who plays QB. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Blake Bortles. As a rookie you go through rough patches and I believe the Cowboys defense will make it tough for him.


  • The Saints are ascending and the 49ers are descending, so this is basically a must win for Frisco. My BOOM player for this game is Drew Brees. Brees pretty much plays like a man possessed at home in most cases and this will be no different. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Frank Gore. Gore is not the focal point of the offense anymore and now he shares the backfield with a rookie. Plus the run game is inconsistent these days. Add the fact that the Saints are stingy versus the run.


  • Hopefully this isn’t a trap game for the Steelers as they have been riding high the last couple games, and now they play a team with nothing to lose in the NY Jets. My BOOM player for this game is Antonio Brown. He is the #1 WR in fantasy football right now and matchup proof. However, the Jets don’t have any real cornerbacks anyway. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Chris Johnson. Last week was a fluke and Ivory still commands the backfield.


  • The Bucs have probably had this game circled on their calendars since they got embarrassed on TNF a few weeks back so expect a tighter game. My BOOM player for this game is Matt Ryan. Ryan will be in pass heavy mode again to test the lackluster Bucs scondary with his disposal of big weapons. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Josh McCown. An awful decision by Lovie Smit to revert back to a guy that gave you nothing before his injury.


  • There should be a mercy rule installed just for this game as the Broncos will be steaming to get back on track after the rough Patriots game. My BOOM player for this game is Peyton Manning (mostly al Broncos too).  Peyton will wreak havok on the poor Raiders defense. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Darren McFadden. Broncos are stout vs the run so DMC will have to find other ways to be effective. 


  • Rams played the 49ers tough because of their quirky inefficient offense. Bruce Arians offense will be a different story. My BOOM player for this game is Carson Palmer. Palmer is going to have a huge day against the Rams suspect secondary with the weapons to do it. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Tre Mason. The Cardinals have been stopping the run all year and they won’t cut the Rams any slack in this home game.


  • The Giants are simply undermanned for this battle but the Seahawks aren’t exactly clicking so we shall see. My BOOM player for this game is Russell Wilson. I think he should be able to find some success through the air against this decimated Giants secondary. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Eli Manning. The Seahawks are the grim reaper to opposing qb’s when they go to Seattle.


  • Jay Cutler never plays well at Lambeau field but if they want to hold onto their playoff hopes they need this win. MY BOOM player in this one is Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers loves torching the Bears and with all the injuries on the Bears defense he will do just that. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Jay Cutler. Cutler has career number across the board but the turnovers aren’t helping him. He also has a tough time getting going in Green Bay as I previously mentioned so I think he has a tough night.


  • Cam and company need more pieces if they want to truly compete.  My BOOM player for this game is LeSean McCoy (Maclin as well).  Shady always shines on primetime football and with the O-line back to full health he will look to get rolling early. 
  • My BUST player for this game is Cam Newton. He won’t be awful but the Eageles defense will be after him all night forcing him to make quicker decisions than he would like.

Goodluck to all the fantasy gm’s this week and let’s get through these rough bye weeks together.  I’m sure everyone is starting someone they don’t really care for……Ha!