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Three Kentucky Football Players Allegedly Break Bottle Over Face of EKU Player in Bar Fight

Colton Scurry, an offensive lineman for Eastern Kentucky, was allegedly beaten up in a bar fight by three as-yet-unconfirmed Kentucky football players at a Richmond, Ky. bar early Sunday morning. An Eastern Kentucky student told NBC affiliate LEX 18 that Scurry was “jumped” by the three players, had a bottle broken over his face, and needed stitches. Kentucky Sports Radio’s Matt Jones passed along this graphic (and currently unconfirmed, though it does look like Scurry) photo of the victim, via East Kentucky Media, after the incident:

The Courier-Journal identifies the three Kentucky players as Drew Barker, Dorian Baker and Tymere Dubose, and cites two witnesses that say Scurry was the aggressor in the fight.

[Photo via LEX 18]


Iowa Running Backs Ticketed For “Disorderly House” After Inviting Entire Class of 2017 to Party

Jonathan Parker and Akrum Wadley are both running backs for the Iowa Hawkeyes, as well as part of the Class of 2017. Well, these two must be best buds, because both Parker and Wadley threw a party on Saturday night and they invited the entire class. I know what your thinking, nice guys right, a nice party for some classmates. You should know that the official Facebook page of the Iowa Class of 2017 only has 3,847 likes.

You would think that’s a lot of people to invite to a party in Iowa, but in 2013 the University of Iowa was named the nation’s top party school. All Parker and Wadley were trying to do was restore their school to its former party glory. And what did they get for their trouble? Citations for a disorderly house. I must say that the party seemed well worth the measly ticket.


Oklahoma Sooners Mascot Fired For Repeatedly Harassing Oklahoma State Fans & Travis Ford’s Wife

Boomer or Sooner has gone too far. I have no idea which one, but one of the students wearing a horse costume during Oklahoma’s 82-65 win over Oklahoma State on Saturday, definitely went too far.  The unidentified student has been dismissed for “unsportsmanlike behavior.” Via News OK:

Kansas State v OklahomaOU sources said the dismissed mascot was told multiple times not to return to the section where he was causing trouble.

The mascot blocked OSU fans’ vision of the game, taunted them and spilled popcorn on a group of them that included Heather Ford, sources said.

Heather Ford is the wife of OSU coach Travis Ford, so you can see why this story made headlines. Also, I believe this is the first time we have written a post about a mascot throwing popcorn on a coach’s wife. coach


Cardale Jones is Returning to Ohio State

Cardale Jones, the 3rd string Ohio State quarterback who was dominant against Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon in the only three starts of his college career, decided to return to Ohio State rather than declare, and will compete for the starting job next year.

Jones, a 22-year old redshirt sophomore for the Buckeyes, is an enticing prospect for NFL teams because he possesses a bazooka for a right arm, and at 6-foot-5 and 250 pounds, he’s a slightly less nimble version of Cam Newton. So his ceiling could be a cross between Joe Flacco and Newton.

He probably would not have been a first round pick, but based on recent draft picks, would also likely not have dropped below the fourth round.

The decision would have been understandable given the competition at Ohio State and the option to go, but this decision will play well with talent evaluators: he was willing to compete, and didn’t want to just rely on three games.


Columbus Police Pepper Spray and Tear Gas Ohio State Fans After School Wins National Championship

In a story you can almost set your watch to, there were some disagreements between partiers and local authorities about the appropriate way to celebrate a national championship. The Columbus Dispatch, whose video above shows revelers on High Street getting cleared out with pepper spray and tear gas, notes that there over 40 reports of fires on the police scanner, including three burning couches, while a police spokeswoman told NBC that about 8,000 fans broke into the Horseshoe and brought down a goalpost. It doesn’t sound like there were too many arrests.

Meanwhile, Eugene’s police and fire departments were reportedly dealing with their own series of conflagrations:

[Video via Columbus Dispatch; Display image via NBC News]


Ohio State Beats Oregon 42-20, Wins 2014 National Championship

The Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Oregon Ducks 42-20. They are the 1st National Champions of the playoff era, beating the champions of the Pac 12 and the SEC. This is the Big Ten’s first national title since 2002 and just the third since 1970.

Urban Meyer Gatorade bath after National Championship

The Buckeyes rolled on the ground with Ezekiel Elliot who went beastmode rushing for 246 yards and four touchdowns, while the OSU WR’s made huge plays through the air. The only thing Ohio State did not do was hold on to the ball, with four turnovers. That kept the scoreline from being worse. And, yes, that was Cardale Jones, Ohio State’s third-choice quarterback, who had  242 passing yards, 38 rushing yards and two total touchdowns, leading the Buckeyes to 538 total yards and a spot in college football history.

Urban Meyer may not have passed Nick Saban. But, it’s certainly a discussion, after Meyer’s third title at a second school. Scary thought: next year was (and still may be) the year Ohio State’s roster hits peak capacity.