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Croatian Boxer Savagely Attacks Referee After Losing Match [Video]

This incident took place in a match between Vido Loncar and Algirdas Baniulis at the European Youth Boxing Championships in Zagreb, Croatia. Watch as the referee was about to announce that Loncar lost the fight, when the losing boxer goes after him in a fit of rage. Luckily Baniulis ran out of the ring, and Loncar was pulled away relatively quickly, and the official was ultimately helped up to his feet. Here is another angle:

[Display image via Guardian. h/t TheBigLead]


Boxing Fans Brawl in the Stands During Gennaday Golovkin – Marco Antonio Rubio Fight [Video

Gennaday Golovkin took on Marco Antonio Rubio on Saturday at the StubHub Center in Carson, California. Unless you’re a avid boxing fan, I’m sure you didn’t see it. And unless you were there, you probably missed this fight in the stands where two meatheads agreed to take it to a flat surface to throw down. The fight ends with two of the tough guys getting arrested.

As for the guy in the bowling pin shirt from the start of the video? He vanished into the night.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Golovkin defended his WBA and IBO belts with a second round knockout. Golovskin is now 31-0 in his career.


Adrien Broner Choked Emanuel Taylor at A Pre-Fight Press Conference [Video]

(Credit: Showtime)

Adrien Broner and Emanuel Taylor held their final press conference Thursday in advance of Saturday’s fight. Although pre-fight press conferences are the place for bluster and trash talk, no one expected this:

Understandably, Taylor did not take kindly to this, and everything went off the rails. It’s doubtful Taylor needed any more motivation, but Broner gave it to him in a big way. We’ll see how he responds in the ring Saturday night. The fight card begins at 9:25 p.m. ET on Showtime.