Tickets To The Highly Anticipated Mayweather-McGregor Fight Are Already Selling For Almost $100,000

Next month (August 26th to be exact), the world’s most anticipated fight will take place in Las Vegas at the T-Mobile Arena when MMA super star Conor McGregor takes on boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. The new Vegas arena has a capacity of 18,000 for Boxing and MMA events. The fight sold out immediately as you might expect, and tickets immediately jumped to the secondary market at extreme prices.

If your looking for the cheapest ticket on the after market it’s going to set you back several thousand and that’s just to get in the door and sit in the absolute nosebleed section. Seats start at $2,537 per ticket according to the website Bloody Elbow which has been scanning StubHub’s prices. The cheapest middle tier section seats start at over $5k and the price jumps quickly from there.

Now, if you’re looking to sit ringside then you’re going to have to spend a literal fortune on tickets. The ‘Zone A’ tickets (shown below) are the ringside tickets and they start at $42,000 and go on up to $95,000 PER TICKET:

price of Mayweather-McGregor fight tickets

price of Mayweather-McGregor fight tickets

The fight is expected to bring in over half a billion dollars so I guess nobody should be shocked by these ticket prices. But, just to put that price in context the average American home only costs $188,900. So a pair of tickets to a night/fight that will last just a few hours costs more than the average home in America.

(h/t BloodyElbow)

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