Quick Recap: Andre Ward Gets Past Sullivan Barrera With Ease

OAKLAND, California — In his hometown, inside Oracle Arena, home to the defending NBA Champion Golden State Warriors, Andre Ward breezed past Sullivan Barrera in a twelve round lopsided fight, in which Ward got the win via unanimous decision.

andre ward

Andre Ward lands a clean right hand on his way to a twelve round unanimous decision. 

Photo Credit: Tom Hogan/Hoganphotos/Roc Nation Sports

Ward started off a bit slow, which was to be expected after a nine month layoff, but picked it up in the second with a couple of nice left hands that got Barrera’s full attention. Ward didn’t slow there, midway through the third round, he caught Barrera with a clobbering left hook that dropped him, but Barrera easily beat the count and continued to fight.

The rest of the fight was the Andre Ward we all know, except with a little twist, Ward seemed to not be as mobile as were used to seeing him, instead he took more of a punchers approach by sitting on his shots more and throwing some bombs. Aside from a few good shots, and despite a high volume of punches, Barrera didn’t land much due to Ward controlling the distance from all angles and his slick head movement.

Ward had his opportunities to perhaps put Barrera away, but seemed hesitant, most-likely because of his inactivity the past few years. He still landed a few good shots, showing that he carries a good pop in his punches up to the light heavyweight division.

In round eight, Ward was working some inside shots, and accidentally delivered a low-blow that sent barrera to the ground. Accident or not, the referee still decided to deduct a point away from Ward. By that point, he had already built a comfortable lead, so the outcome wasn’t altered by it. The only other memorable moment of the fight was an accidental headbutt by Barrera (17-1,12 KOs), that resulted in a cut on the right eye of Ward, but it didn’t seem to have any effect on him.

Via CompuBox, Ward landed 166 punches of 463 thrown (36%), while Barrera landed 111 of 722 thrown (15%). The official scores of the fight were 117-109, 119-109 and 117-108 for Andre Ward, who advances to 29-0 with 15 KOs.


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